L'Ll Never Leave Poem by George Dumbarton

L'Ll Never Leave

Rating: 5.0

Words cannot describe how l feel for you,
I hope you believe my love is true,
I am going to keep you locked in my heart,
I always have, even from the start,

When I close my eyes, l think about you,
How you make me smile, and feel loved too,
You've helped my heart begin to heal,
You're my baby sent from above.

I used to feel like l would never find someone like you,
But now l have you to hold me,
l want you to never leave,
l want you to stay.

l love you more than you will ever know,
l love you baby, dont ever go,
lf you leave me my world would die,
l would have nothing but tears in my eyes,
So baby l'm making a promise today,
l'll never walk away from you.

Blessing T Tavaguta 10 October 2008

so nice a piece of work

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Jessica Munez 08 October 2008

while i was reading this i got this weird feeling inside lol awesome poem!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 07 October 2008

Yeahhhhh sure you are you'd never leave her..........love has haunted you like a ghost! You can hide.......but can not run!

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David Threadgold 07 October 2008

Hi George. Well written with such romance and passion coming through. thanks for the read. Regards Dave T.10/10

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