In Memory Of My Mother Poem by George Dumbarton

In Memory Of My Mother

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My mother was a woman principles,
Always sticking to her principles,
She was dedicated and committed to her utmost,
To do her utmost to her children,
She was a woman of peace and harmony,

She spoke with a soft - spoken voice,
Filled with humour and sensible advice,
To me she was like my counsellor,
Always teaching me the adventures of life,

She was helpful and cheerful,
An ambitious honest confident lady,
Prosperity and victory was her motto,
She was very kind and generous.
To keep and support was her responsibility,
To give was her duty.

She was always sympathetic to those in sorrow,
She was very generous to poverty stricken families,
She encouraged those in despair,
And comforted those in agony,
Always showing her motherhood to us,
Her gestures were so meaningful,
The way she talk was superb.

She walk in a business like manner,
Always carrying her bag to work,
Oh mother, you left this earth,
We will always admire your characters,
We will always remember good times with you,
Tears may run dry but memories will not.
Rest in peace mum

(For my mum, Lydia Musabayana)

Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 22 November 2008

An ode to the nature, to mother nature, to mother! An ode straight from the heart of a child!

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Ency Bearis 07 October 2008

a nice tribute to your Mother..a great one..well expressed/written..well done Ency Bearis

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George Dumbarton

George Dumbarton

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