Money Always Poem by George Dumbarton

Money Always

Armed with a dollar sign,
Sugar daddies are dancing a jig-saw dance,
Stamping the sweet sixteens down to thirteen,
Blinding them with a pound sign,
Teenagers are scrumbling for the white beads,
Risking their lives into attractiveness of the familiar pockets,
lmbined with the notion of sexual born disparity social deviance,
Mint boses, yes money, always money,
Money buys life, money buys death,
Joy and sadness equals money,
Hearing thud sounds of engine,
Benz, toyota, pajero and many more engines,
Which engineers trouble,
Sweets shake their bodies,
Hulling the hovering hearts of their prays,
Sugar daddies who are on seeing girlish shadows
Maintain a confusion with a pocketed dollar sound.
Mingled with a kwacha sign,
Minced with the notion of destruction,
To destroy girlish fuitfulness
And extinguishing lights of hope to their faces dark
All because of money,
Oh money! money is the root of all the evils

Shingih Big-thigh 17 September 2009

your poem is partially good, your points are too general, try to avoid common words, otherwise, keep on showering us with your educative words.

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Manonton Dalan 08 November 2008

very descritptive and very beautiful poem. yes money that's what i need for gas, i lost a lot lately on my savings.

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