Magical Love Poem by George Dumbarton

Magical Love

Rating: 5.0

l write poems in mind,
Expressing my feeling for you,
l think about you all day long,
The thoughts of seeing you keep me strong.

You are a piece of my heart,
l'll pray that we'll never part,
l can feel the depth of our sweet love,
l believe we belong in heaven above.

When l see your face my soul is lifted,
l hear your voice so sweet and melodious
Your warm heart beats for me,
The rhythm of love? we are meant to be,

l want you by my side each and everyday,
l'll keep you in my heart,
So you'll never fade away,
l'll keep you warm through the pouring rain,
l'll keep you safe and cure your pain.

l'll be your rock in rough heavy seas,
My heart is a lock,
And you hold the keys,
Wherever you go, l'll always be near,
Whenever you need me, l'll always be there.

Manonton Dalan 08 November 2008

a very passionate piece.

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 10 October 2008

Your love is like the song ' its a kind of magic'. nice piece!

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Tia Maria 10 October 2008

This poem is so full of love & commitment - wonderful 10

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