Kumarmani Mahakul God Poems

Who Has Created God

Dear Poet, the poet, poet you have asked a question,
"Who has created God? Who has created God? "
Many ask in same way as you have asked me"
God is one, he is Self Originator is beyond time.

The Truth Comes From God

God is truth; soul is truth you feel dear,
Rest of the things we see here in this world,
These are matters, these change their forms,
We see illusion captures mind very easily.

God Dandles Us

We take birth, die and take birth and play,
Many do not understand but still they say.
There is rebirth is true which we do feel,
While we think of this universe heads rill.

God Replies Silently

Times woos weather, beauty woos love,
Greater hopes are gained in silence ever,
God says us to go green and come closer,
He replies us silently in inner core of life.

God Is Supreme Majesty

This entire creation is wonderful,
This is Beyond our perception
To evaluate every tiny particle,
His infinite creation is his kingdom

God Is Greatest Poet

No one claims to be great in front of him,
No one can write like him frequently,
He writes this creation as a lovely poem,
God's poem is greatest wonder we feel,

You Steer Us Dear God

In a beautiful and righteous way,
You steer us Oh dear beloved God,
Turning our wheel into fortune,
You take us in leading cycle of life.

Green Is Grace Of God

This is beautiful veil of Earth ever,
Green scene of nature attracts us,
Crops, trees and grass all look green,
After rain, autumn arrives with light.

God Of Infinite Creation

When a theist, a God's lover wakes up,
At first hour at early morning twilight,
He feels the presence of God and prays,
But when an atheist wakes up with vices,

Vote Us God Rate Us God

Vote us oh God, dear God,
Rate us oh God, dear God,
Save us oh save us God,
Sprinkle thy mercy on us!

Morning And God

God is eternal powerful morning light,
Day is symbol to access trust in him,
We motivate mind to find light's breeze,
Beauty of joy revives in mind's core,

Hum To God

Stomp ahead, stomp ahead, stomp,
Hump ahead, hump ahead, hump.

Jump behind, jump behind, jump,

God Is Educator God Is Expert

A degree is not a measure of writing,
A degree is not the knowledge,
Through degree a person gets a job
Through job he earns money,

We Are Near God Only

Although we move around and earn,
Still we return back to search happiness,
Continuously we search for eternal bliss,
With freedom of action we act every day,

Morning Friendship With God

This beautiful morning has brought,
Trust of making friendship in laws,
Universe is waiting to watch us,
Our friendship with God is eternal.

Obeying Command Of God

God, giving his wisdom in scriptures,
He has commanded us to do right deeds,
Following his righteous principles,
We shall walk ever in his trust.

God You Are Great

Oh dear self originator God,
You are great, you are great,
For creating this universe,
You are the great for creating light.

God's Greatest Arm

Light is power, light is might,
God is most powerful light,
His mighty arm is also light,
His grace we feel and adore,

God In Dream You Talk To Us

We are sleeping now hearing your song,
In lap of nature this beautiful night lays,
We have given you our all burdens in trust,
Now we are relaxing and sleeping on bed.

We Love God

A book of a scientist is released!
It is published after his death,
Many questions he has answered
Basing upon his material perception,

In God's Mind We Are

In God's mind we are he takes care,
His creation is very nice we do stare.
We do adore him in life every day,
We obey the principles he does say.

Sweet Dream Dear God

Night has come, Life has come,
In this tired mood still we feel,
We zeal to have dreams of joy,
Sweetness attracts ever in love,

We Are Indebted To God

We are souls are children of his,
God is father of all creatures,
He has given us consciousness,
He has empowered us with values,

Learning The Art Of God's Love

He is God who has created
Trillions of trillions of
Great-great-great universes,
His eternal love defines

How Was God Born

You have asked question Dear Poet, the poet,
Like a child tenderly asks his mother and father,
With innocence with much confusion,
Your question is, "How was God born? "

Capricious life sees beauty of day of full moonlight,
Night has worn garland of stars around full neck,
Around a single full moon, there are many stars,
We are counting them age after age with calmness.

God's Moment At Glad Dawn

Looking at crescent and colourful skyline
We have obtained an open letter sent by God,
Sky has projected it towards Earth,
And we have started reading it with dawn,

Oh Self You Are For God

Oh dear self, you recognize self,
You are light of your own light,
By help of this own light of knowledge,
You recognize your own values

Our God Eternal God

God is our father, God is lover,
Go is our mother, God is life,
God is our breath, God is light,
God is super power, God is love.

Where And How God Comes

Right, might light is powerful, powerful,
You know dear poet our father of heaven,
His abode is very far beyond imagination,
Beyond far stars and galaxies, this power is.

We Feel God Where Is Truth

Above my head it is azure sky
Beneath there is beautiful earth
Rivers, seas, ocean, valleys
Mountains, fountains, isles, trees.

Who Where And Why God Is

Oh dear friend you listen carefully
In attentive mind,
Who is God I am telling you,
He is our father is kind.

Swaddle Me Dear God

I am a pure soul, I have light
I am tiny and affectionate to you,
Carrying your bless I have come,
At each moment I surrender.

Yes We Love And Trust God

Yes, yes and yes, three times declaring truth
We promise and declare truth of inner cores,
Oh dear poet, you do not bother at all,
We are with you and we love you very much,

Motherly Prayer To God

In this decorative holy temple,
We all mothers of this world gather,
In your lovely holy garden,
During all festivals and days,

God Is Universally Accepted

No creation is possible without creator,
Every creation has its own creator,
We are souls and our creator is our father,
He is Supreme Soul, he is master creator!

Union Of Mind With God

Sitting in mediation we link,
With God the whole time,
Remaining in pure state again,
We inherit his qualities in mind.

Grace Of God We Feel

Every day seeing sunlight,
Every night seeing moon,
Light of stars in sky,
We feel them all with us.

Oh Dear God (हे भगवान)

मैं ठीक हूँ।
मैं ठीक हूँ।
हे भगवान,
आप मुझे जल्द ही सुनते हैं।

Garden Of God On This Earth Day

Look at to this sky with love
Look at to this Earth like dove.
Fly and sit in this garden of God,
In devotion again soon you nod.

God Replies To Us

Silently, smoothly God loves
He transfers boon vibrations
Every creature in this world
Receives boon in palm of love.

Oh God We Read

Oh God we know not but you come,
You teach us and we read soon
To become pure sure in life
To light strength we perceive

Oh Dear God! Oh Dear God

Where are you? Our dear father,
We call you without sure bother.

Oh dear God you hear oh dear God,

Merciful Dear God

Merciful father please come near
We wish you here happy new year.
Gear of life we put in next row,
Growing love dwells all you know.

Night Prays Before God To Enlighten

This deep night prays before God,
To enlighten self and gain light,
Transformation is urged by rights,
Night is eager to transform in to a day.

In Oblation Of Love For God

He has gifted still we offer our love,
We surrender to him with glitter of smile,
Beauty of unity and trust motivates mind,
We are in pure oblation of love for God.

God's Grace Remains With You

Princee, present is most important use properly
Righteous work you always do
In no case you tell a lie
Never go in wrong path

God Gives Grace

Goat and goose do friendship,
God gives his grace in galore,
Breaking gambling a man gains,
Spiritual wealth values in life.

God Has Given Us Wisdom

God has given us wisdom
For this we can discriminate things
It's ingredients whether good or bad
We can guess the nature of men.

Oh God You Forgive

Offering this prayer for goodness
Of entire mankind with due love,
Oh God, you feel tenderness of souls
Who obey you or do not obey

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