Who Has Created God Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Who Has Created God

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Dear Poet, the poet, poet you have asked a question,
"Who has created God? Who has created God? "
Many ask in same way as you have asked me"
God is one, he is Self Originator is beyond time.
Inherently such question seems to be illusion of course,
This question is self-contradictory that diverts mind,
If I were to say you that another creator has created God,
You would ask me that who has created that creator.
If I were to say name of another and another creator,
You would ask me infinite times the same question.
For your sake of argument this may bring puzzle,
Among people of diversified belief systems,
This may be impossible to answer for such question.
Among theists and God's lovers,
Your question may bring cyclone,
Among atheists this may bring smile,
But God is ocean of peace and bliss,
He ever spreads waves of calmness.
By his mercy and grace this is not impossible to answer,
Yes this is possible to answer you through love and affection.
The smile is God's fine art in human face
And this is a big proof of his fine creation,
Atheists who smile and get happiness
Although they do not agree in eternal father,
Still indirectly they surrender before God.
Going in opposite way, still before ocean of happiness
They surrender and they surrender of course.

To understand God you travel in spiritual path,
From times immemorial Almighty, God exists,
He can never be disputed or questioned.
Present cosmos exists in thoughts of God,
From the beginning of time God is superior.

In physical existence of cosmos veil of illusion covers,
Whatever in cosmos you notice or feel,
Everything is made up of atoms and molecules,
We are parts of cosmos,
Our journey in human form is important.
Life within body is pleasant.
For understanding intricacies we need spirituality.

Every soul is child of God and he is Supreme Soul.
Godis point of light and might but ocean of all values.
Soul manifests inside a body into life form to drive body,
Souls who come to this Earth automatically search him.
There is unbroken bond of love between souls and God.
God is super cosmic energy as per science.
Since eternity he exists and he is eternal super father,
God has created himself but we have not created ourselves,
We souls are created by him,
Freedom of living is given to us,
But time has the thread of regulation in material world,
We are within bodies and bound to birth and death cycle.
God is beyond this cycle and time does not capture him,
God is time of time and God is power of power.
Singing his glory in eternal spiritual path,
We bow before him infinite times,
Getting his tender light of wisdom,
You also surrender before him.
In silence knocking your inner core,
God will answer your all questions,
You can feel his existence.
Have your trust in one creator.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,19 March 2018. All rights reserved.

Who Has Created God
Monday, March 19, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: answers,god,philosophical ,question,spiritual
This poem is written as answer poem to the question asked in a comment by The Poet Poet from Australia in my previous poem titled, "Attention To God's Words." The respective comment is exactly presented below for reference purpose of the readers.

" The Poet Poet (3/16/2018 1: 28: 00 PM)

you are Sir the most INTELLECTUAL of all poets I have read May I seek your blessings DO COMPOSE A POEM WHO CREATED GOD
AND HOW YOU STILL IMBIBE IN THE youth to believe in one even
you only believe in
but have never seen
To imbibe a faith we must have a basis
you are the nominated Fountain
to set such a basis of

This poem is answer poem number one for the said above comment.

Cover photo © Kumarmani Mahakul,30 September 2017. All rights reserved.
Michael Walker 19 March 2018

A deep, philosophical poem which invites close, slow reading. In fact, I have seen it asked in books: ' Who created God, since He is the first cause of all created things and motion? ' Your poem at least helps to answer that question.

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Akhtar Jawad 19 March 2018

If I were to say you that another creator has created God, You would ask me that who has created that creator. If I were to say name of another and another creator, You would ask me infinite times the same question.....a logical reply.

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Valsa George 19 March 2018

The answer you have given to this mammoth question is all that a human being can possibly give in his limited capacity! It is a question difficult to answer! Yet you have tried to answer it in the best possible way!

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Valsa George 19 March 2018

Who is God, What is the proof of His Existence, Who sired Him..... such questions have plagued man from time immemorial! To a firm believer, there are answers for all these questions, but cannot be explained or put in words! This Universe holds all the answers! Your efforts at answering the question is so laudable sir! (10)

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Rebecca Navarre 20 March 2018

Ever So Beautifully And Meaningfully Sown! ! ! ! ! Ever Such Heart Felt And Shown All The Way Through! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Beyond #ing! ! ! ! ! ...

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Heather W.B. 07 June 2020

God has self efficiency power to motivate self and originate self. Of course God is self originator. Persons who have unlimited trust on God, they never ask questions on his existence. This poem is a solid answer to such persons. We have trust on God and we know that he exists as our father and mother both. This poem is a deeply philosophy based poem.

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Robert Murray Smith 24 July 2018

The poem that creates a creator.++10

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Indira Renganathan 09 April 2018

The level of regards I have for you as a co-poet is now heightened to the top Kumar....with every possible choice of words you have answered the question clearly.. Yes, God can only be felt if only we have faith in Him and trust Him...all scriptures preach this only....Congratulations Kumar

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Edward Kofi Louis 08 April 2018

Questions of life! ! Waiting for answers. Thanks for sharing.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 April 2018

Part 2) I had given the SECOND POEM first my comment and review, but I did not pay attention there was a FIRST POEM. This is such a remarkable and perfect poem, and The Poet Poet must have his polite behaviour NOT to ask you to write this poem. You must write a poem on times as you yourself wish and not by a kindest command of one who writes essay poems most of the time. Thank you for sharing this sublimest poem from your golden pen, Mr Mahakul. God's Blessings in Abundance.

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Kumarmani Mahakul

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