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from cradle, where we lay and laugh
into an open grave
been lull for a deep sleep
the earth contributed

He is a man always left on his solitude
with his might set, like a sharp sword.
His hands always exhausting pens,
with papers filled to the brim.

Brave hearts long for you
Your path way they plan to pass thru
You’re the definition of poetry
Guarding souls like faithful sentry.

America, oh sweet home of mine
Glories beaconing fine
My heart longs for you
Your path way i dream to pass thru.

That night, a night of admirable callings
With larches of leaves living the trees
To join the cloud, this adores that pleasantry breeze.
The sky was blue

The sky was her limit
Her bags was full of praises
Suddenly she began to sing a marvelous song
Saying…I’m always a less adulterer

will i ever be loved?
when i have made love go this way
to set lovers in pure dismay
making hearts to go astray

When old age calls his name
He seems to give no blame.
When death says he's tall
He stopped to answer the call.

On the eve to your death
I saw the iroko trees
Releasing their leaves
Sending them in angry reeds,

A bond of love has brought them together
love made them known each other.
round metals splitted in both hands
shown as signs of eternal stand

Those who mine out gold
From the ground
To sell for the rich
And make for the poor.

I saw a young man dropped out of envy
His heart was stagnant and heavy
Many ways contradicted his
They searched for a way to see him in abyss

My eyes in look at empty spaces
I’m so close, but on futile traces
The dim of materialism is light to me
The flames of wealth are cool to thee.

they started with selfish interest
never willed love with full zest.
the smiles
and the beautiful faces.

once upon a time
in a world of loneliness
i lived in a country called SUMMER LONELINESS
where love are shared by individuals

I’m in love with my brother’s girl
The voice of my heart can’t really tell.
My feelings like old is back
That pride of a man I now lack.

My cubic pen quake in protest as I write this legendary poem
I besiege myself with apt feelings to explain this poetic term.
My moment like NEYO ‘I’m so sick of love song’
This autumn of October makes my moment sprung.

Clashes of metals filled the air
Women and children running in fear
Eyes dashed on where to hide
Memories limp on only one side.

This decorous lawyer, grinning with ease
His might set only for the calling of peace.
He peruses and expounds laws
Civil, ready for all positive calls.

my heart for the first time fights with my desire
love at it peak i can't acquire.
the breezes of calling love swaying away
the will of my unchosen heart could die this day.

Godspower Oshodin Biography

Godspower Oshodin, is a Nigerian poet and philanthropist. He is the founder of Solution Media and Godspower Oshodin Foundation. Godspower Oshodin is the president of Nigeria Bloggers Forum and the publisher of ngg.ng. He co-authors Global Seal of Integrity. He is also the founder of Solution Media and Godspower Oshodin Foundation. Oshodin is the co-author of The Reporter. In January 2021, Oshodin announced the release of his highly anticipated poetry book A Poet Who Died By His Poem. The book has since garnered positive reviews from various platforms and individuals globally.)

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A Dream Of You

from cradle, where we lay and laugh
into an open grave
been lull for a deep sleep
the earth contributed
his clay and stone
to make you lay wurm
even the strawling flowers
falls for perfect fragrance
but to you, goodnight
you say.
the little bird
leaves his cradle nest
to beak for food
but come back no more
as the eagle stalk
to it prey
through it long journey.

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John Hancock 04 November 2011

your poem Legends of October was very deep filled with powerful images that linger even after the poem is read well done Take care and be well

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