America Poem by Godspower Oshodin


Rating: 2.1

America, oh sweet home of mine
Glories beaconing fine
My heart longs for you
Your path way i dream to pass thru.

America, this dwelling of bountiful opportunities
Other lands merging for your treaties.
Beauty of all sought lies in your calling terrain
Eyes for glory can never look in vain.

America, these victors at battle field
All from God, you obey and yield.
you traces and fight the test of time,
And glance at echoes of time.

America, i accomodate you in my vacuum remaining
No way for others complaining.
Now, my muse waxing lyrica
All for you America

Julie Neises 29 June 2008

Very patriotic just in time for the 4th of July. Great Poem.

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Ken E Hall 25 March 2009

God heartfelt poem of your feelings of the U S of A..........Nothing is imposible your first name says it all....I see you there some day keep writing and reading regards uavanice1

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Omar Ali Sabar 30 August 2008

America the land of the free.... they say

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Seema Chowdhury 16 August 2008

well, this poems shows your love for America, itsa nice to see that. hope you can visit soon......good luck.

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Tess Rockenstire 15 July 2008

Most Americans complaint of their life status here. We should be thankful that this land is blessed by God. However, America today is forgetting what makes this country great. We should go back to basic, and thank the almighty for blessing us. May your dream come true and be a part of America. Thanks for sharing this fine write.....Tess

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Greenwolfe 1962 30 June 2008

A fine tribute from a man who obviously loves America. It is well that we remind ourselves here that we still are an attraction for others in the world. That is what this writing does so well. I was most impressed by its sincerety. I recommend this with my score of 8. Nicely done. GW62

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