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In that night I will walk with you to the light.
In that mountain I will climb with you to the plain.
In that journey I will travel with you to destine.
In that party I will dance with you through the end.

Love comes in all aspects
Love all over people
No they being foolish
Full of love that can't be explain

How to say these words because
I don't know her personally
Does that count on the situation like this?
Questions inside me,

Wonder who we were going to be me and you…
This education is for me and you
This future is for me and you
My life, my happiness and yours too

I wish I can show you some pictures,
play for you some film but it is impossible.
It was seen by the man in the streets.
Without home,

I am about to do something stupid
I am about to lose my mind
I am about to lose hope
I am about to get over this

I peered at the dusk of the day
With malicious mockery of our generation
As it sets behind the mountain of civilization
Being an half-breed of life

It's a vision or it an illusion?
No it must be a vision but I need a transformation
Of a sections in a vision.
Illusion become a section of planation

Ngambona kanye kodwa kane, nganela…Nganga bheki ngane la
Noma ngingayitholanga I razor ngazichaza
Ngangingaphuthanga esikoleni kodwa ngazibika…I dictionary yayisekhanda
Ingakho nje ngamchazela


Artistic creative work word by word creating,
Logical that's leads to magical.
Art that change atmosphere
That brings the lost to home

I know some of you may feel Relieve
But that was not what I was striving for.
Some of you may feel said
That I am! ! ! ! ! ! !

That's not you
You look around like you have been around
You turn around like you playing merry go round
You think you right, you not wrong

He came across, he turn back
Nobody watch his back
He is alone through that forest he walks without fear
He is a man without spear

Uyong'khumbula wemntanami
Ngisakukhuza ngisadla anhlavana
Ngisanawe kulomhlaba
Usakhala ngikuthulise

Ukuthula makwande mlaleli
Ngezwi ngzomemeza ze nawe uNgizwe umchunu
Kuyoba kuhle uwathandiswe laMazwia_yo lensizwa
Linda Sibiya siyixoxe lendaba,


This is where it raining
Although I don't know the situation.
Although I wasn't able to get more about you
It seems to come alive, I don't mean it

That when love fade
Person recently arrived…
Saying the same story you identify, like it new in your ears,
Perform as new in your eyes,

Mangase kwenzeke nje
Kwenzelele ngikushitshe lokhu
Kube sengath' akaze kwenzeke…kwenzeka

Since you left me
My heart finds it hard to accept
My soul sinks in the deep ocean
I can't watch anyone with my eyes right now

Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini Biography

I am a student who like to read and write poems...I started writting poems when I was in grade 7...I finished my grade 12 in 2011.I wont stop until my voice is heard.I am a poor little man from semi rural area. I like to help others in different way. I believe in God, I follow the church Nazareth Baptize Church original from South Africa. I was born under splitted family, I've been struggling to be who I am today. The dificulties I've grow in had thought me so many things. I have experienced so much truama but I am strong enough to face all the challenges.I love my mother she loves me a lots, she gave me real love although she cant afford to do things for me but the love she is giving me I am satisfied. I am engaged in different community organisations and I've been in a local radio station Imbokodo Fm.Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini(me) is apoet who was inspired by his writing skills of frictional text and poetical views he is an unpublished writer sinking and working on publishing a book of poetry and short stories, recently he is still studying b.ed in University of Kwazulu Natal. Poetry runs through his veins cant help ignorant keeping on writing until he has been heard and being noticed. Being a writer is not something for making money it is the way of forwarding the message through text that comes from deep down the soul to motivates the world.I am sometimes selfish because I believe that's being considerable every time can make you forget about your destiny and found yourself failing to reach your goals trying to uplift someone who is already in the final stage of his or her life. life is a journey that has no smooth way sometime you meet with wrong things in the way that can disrupt your journey. I am hard worker I believe in myself I always tell them that I am the best in everything I do nobody can defeat me. on comrades marathon in 2012 this words I inspired the comrades to run and move forward to the finish line without any query but inspired ' you always number one from those who are behind you keep on running, even if you think you are last, no some people failed to start and some failed even to join the marathon, you are the hero you can make it to the finish line.' We are to do our duties.)

The Best Poem Of Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

Don'T Mind I Am Going To Be With You.

In that night I will walk with you to the light.
In that mountain I will climb with you to the plain.
In that journey I will travel with you to destine.
In that party I will dance with you through the end.
In that pain I will fill it with you till analgesia.
In this life I will live it with you till the end.

I've been sinking for someone like you,
Like you were bone for me, I was bone for you.
I was hungry you came and fill me up
I was sick but you came with the medicine
I wasn't completed but you came and complete me
I wasn't frying but you came and give me the wings
You turn on the lights in me, with your caring
You bring that hope to me when it disappeared.
You bring that smile to me when I am sad.
You find me when I am lost.

It like I was created through you and you were created through me
So I can't survive without you, you can't survive without me.
You the party of me, I am the party of you.
If you say it over, my life will be over
Even if I am drunk I will be sober.
Although I am young I will be older.
Just take care of yourself because you are my lover.
Don't mind I am going to be with you

Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini Comments

Joyce Marry 10 May 2012

you are good but uyou can be the best, get more inpired and the sky will be closer to you....i like what i read! ! !

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Senamile Zulu 14 May 2014

Sibalukhulu uyishayile mngani wam......ngsafunda amanye ungayeki ukubhala.

12 0 Reply
Africa My Roots 28 May 2012

great hit, what a rhym good man this is absolute a good rhym poem

24 0 Reply
Ayase Itsuki 22 May 2012

Sorry to be short, but your poems are amazing and inspiring.please don't ever stop!

26 0 Reply
Africa My Roots 18 May 2012

you are great boy where do you take this punch lines... you are dope like deep in the deep ocean...go on you are great

30 0 Reply

This is awersome of you.being a poet is never simple as others may think. what ever i have read about you i assume its true.keep it up this is extrodinary wonderful work.i love the poemThando lapha kuwe ngifuna ukuba u-musa.iyashaya boy.raise above hate.

30 1 Reply

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We usually believe in perfect love, and we're devoting all our energies to achieving it. Be careful of setting your hopes too high, though. By searching for the ideal person, we sometimes ignore the one who could make us truly happy.‪

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