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I felt them on me today
Your hazel brown eyes
From the distance you stared
You came, you cared

It was an escape, the rings, the dress
The empty wordless caress
Do as you are bidden
Was a malady deeply ridden

My friend has come back to me
And I can only wonder
Is this all true
Or just a nine day wonder


She may not be old
or have sacks of gold
but know this for sure
for only you she endures

Alas! I wait with bated breath
For words that would bring me wealth
A treasure of kindness
Mixed with gems of faithfulness

I wandered lonely along life's paths
Not stopped to think how it might pass
Eons of solitude are written my way
And yet I never did sway

Like a crab without its shell
Like a baby bird left on its own
Like a little foal standing alone

It is the final goodbye
I cannot see now eye to eye
It has been confirmed
You had been me fooled with the lie

I found a treasure
In the crags of a rock
Hard stone twas tad tough
Beneath ages of denudation

The bleeding Casanova had a roving eye
He thought he could make every damsel sigh
But this time he had gone too far
When he found a catch from afar


Women of the world unite
This is a clarion call
Against the gentleman knight
He saves damsels from distress


It is just a number
Don't give me that excuse
You never remembered that
When you did me use

A part of me is broken
I know it's true
I did it all and yet I miss you
It was always in synchrony

I have done it Em-ily
I have met them now
I met the parents
And did the deed


I am but a child
In your arms
In your care
Teach me


Harsh words cut to the core
They seem true but they make one sore

They seem honest and upright


I am seething inside
Boiling raging hopping mad

I simmer, I splutter


As I await my fate today
I don't know if there ever will be a way
Any answer will only
Keep us from being a little lonely


I found a strange rose yesterday
Blazing red and flecks of white
It spoke of endless love and strife
Made from Psyche's blood


Yes I dream
I dream of a better morrow
I dream of hope
I dream a lack of sorrow

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Aspiring poet. Contributor and publisher of 'The Poetry of my Soul' & 'The Golden Years' available on Amazon, Kindle & Audible. Founder of the writers group 'New Authors' on Goodreads. We publish the work of our members annually. Our publications include: Goodreads Best Poems 2020, Goodreads Best Short Stories 2019. We also undertake book reviewing, advertising and book cover designing services at nominal rates for our group members. Business Contact:

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I felt them on me today
Your hazel brown eyes
From the distance you stared
You came, you cared

I felt them watch me unawares
But I just know you are there
Amidst the flowers, amidst the trees
You were there among the bees

Your haunting eyes couldn't leave me
And neither could my mind be free
There was nowhere for me to be
But in your arms you see

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