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Hadil is a young Algerian poet.
Born in Laghouat, on FEB 27TH,2000.
Her story with words started at a very young age, she has had a plenty of writing attempts since the age of 8, she started with Arabic poems and short kids stories, then moved to french at the age of 10, and finally, she embraced english that became her principal writing language ...

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12 July 2015

Your life story has begun since the first day of your existence, your fate is in your hands, you always have the choice to write the best stroy, as you can ignore your own destiny and leave everything in your life to the dark shadows of the whispering night of sorrow..

17 May 2016

Hate me for what i am but don't you ever love me for what i claim to be if it's not the real me

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Anil Sharma 24 September 2019

Just liked your poetry

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The Best Poem Of Hadil Diaf

My Words

Words are betraying me
Letters are running away
because of that believe me
I don't know what to say
I know not if my heart
Is totally falling apart
Or if my soul forgot
What it meant to be immortal
I know not if the night
that carries around the fall
Is getting to a close end
Or if it only last long
I known not where i belong
Nor what i really am
The world has made of me a ghost
that only seeks for warmth
My mornings are enlightened
By the rays of a dying sun
Both soul and heart are frightened
Because of the evil that comes and run
I may never reach to know any
Of what happened in my early
Far and unknown existence
I could neither bring any memory
Nor talk to my soul back then
Words like water are slipping away
Letters can no longer be taken
Not any sentence can be written
And not any feeling can be shown
I'm afraid that it might be the end
The finality where reaches all
Whatever existed on this land
Whatever lived beneath the sand
of the unstoppable time
My fears have come to a finality
And nothing can dare to stop me
From reaching the crown of the worlds
From reigning with my silent words
No ocean and no desert shall prevent me
From following my way back home
Back to where i should've been born
Back to where i will have my throne
Words came to rescue me
Letters were made to protect me
So that i can rise above them all
So that i can stand upon my fall.

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Hadil Diaf Popularity

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