Brave Heart Poem by Hadil Diaf

Brave Heart

Rating: 5.0

Oh yes teared apart
Oh yes broken and hurt
But yet brave heart
You still struggle and fight
to keep shining that light
inside you to bright
longer than any sun
has ever done

for your silent moan
tears and cries
you open the gloom
of a long lasting night
and for all whom
once abused your rights


You couldn't be broken
for made of flesh you are
but yet harmed and bleeding
you've given all your
hope and glory you've hidden
inside your closed doors
for a little while


despite the knives that stamped you
despite the souls who betrayed you
your weak light still appears
fighting to reach the rears
of a newly better tomorrow

for justice to be and peace
you've given til the last piece
all what you fragile heart
has ever since your creation
no long will last your beating
but your smooth rays
shall be bringing
new souls to save and free


for all the past injuries
the scars that are consuming thee
you gave the last spark
that was leading you, oh heart
to the soon end of our dark night


dear, dear heart
i know not if my past
will still be reaching us
but i'll be offering you tonight
the pure, healing and last
seed of love and pureness


so that you shall pass
to the other land carrying
within thee the ash
of the world's final memory
so that other souls may rest
after burning alone in their agony


yes you've been stamped
but yet you survived heart
to make my gloomy night
end when love will rise
above the hate we've built


so that once again
good spirits may find their way
after years of running around
dying a bit every day


you've accomplished your fate
and now shall you rest
in peace til time ends
among our lost hopes and fights

Friday, July 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: strength
Edward Kofi Louis 04 February 2016

Nice work! ! Going through life with the muse of love and hate.

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Unwritten Soul 26 July 2015

I ve seen very few Algerian writers here, but every of the Algerian i have seen here, they show us that they are very good in poetry and its like rare..Bravo to Algerian writers, and it including you...nice write :) _Soul

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Hadil Diaf 26 July 2015

Thank you my dear ? i'm glad it reached your heart, , i hope that i will always give the best of me and ad a little of me in every peom i write

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Sekharan Pookkat 24 July 2015

wow- beautiful penning - heals all wounds that bleeds heals all minds that hurts heals all souls that injured and inspiring too - ten out of ten

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Hadil Diaf 26 July 2015

Thanj you, , i'm very touched by your words, , ,

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Hadil Diaf

Tizi Ouzou, Algeria
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