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See the sunshine,
See the seaway,
See the mountains,
See everything you like,

Life is beautiful
With subtle touches
As if in everything we do
Miracle paints the colors

I like to be friend with good people,
I like put good name on good things,
I like to help good people,
I like, if one day i need help, get it from good people,

Cold season is going
nature will alive again
amaryllis and rainy season is coming
the dead soil will alive again

I love the windows
Because these are,
Air passages and Remember to breathe the house,
I so wish I had eyes that I can see all of the windows,

I am thankful I can walk,

there are those who have never taken their first step,


we must fly,
like two parallel line,
don't be Scissors,

I dreamed I had an interview with God.
So you would like to interview me? God asked.
If you have the time? I said.
God smiled: My time is eternity.

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See the sunshine,
See the seaway,
See the mountains,
See everything you like,

If you look impartially,
You can see everything is calm.
Everything is lovely,
But, if you see something wrong,
Who is culpable?
Yea, you guess true,
The people who aren't lovers,

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 17 September 2012

A great beautiful mind that is a gift for all of us here. we all should praise you dear Hamid. because of the soft emotional feelings and the sense of humanity that your soul has. i admire your great poetry. hope to see your fragrant poetry future that just help the humanity to grow more and better. My best regards and best wishes.

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Unwritten Soul 08 September 2012

Few poems have been done, but enough to tell how beautiful mind you have..Simple, clear and nice these are words i want to give for each of your poem. Talent and interest however must walk together, the talent wont shine if you have less interest, and interest without perseverance will make a structure without completing it. Its okay if you have no time but have your time to think about your interest and life around. You are always believe in love for everybody, live in same house called Earth why dont you read us your words in your own poem, sharing the care more to everybody. you always keen to learn but we need to study what we learn, the good heart will be placed in a good calm, serenity...keep writing, let it speak about your hope and makes everybody happy_Soul, Unwritten Soul

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