This Is Who I Am Poem by Hamza Obeng

This Is Who I Am

I always felt that the odds where against me,
I always told myself that this is how people want me to be
Sometimes I ponder,
At times I wonder,
Will this ever come to an end?
Will my fellow compatriots ever understand me?
How will I live with myself if they don’t?
What will I do if all goes wrong?
Will I be able to overcome ever again?
In my thoughts, I languish,
Perhaps this is how I am supposed to be.

I pray, I wish
I plead rather than flee
I seek, I yearn for
What will I do if this is my end?
What can I say if all becomes lost?
All is for me to hope
In order that I may cope
Rather than slide down a slope
But I know it shall be well
For my questions to one day be answered

I rage as though I was a lion
Sometimes I pretend to be a novice
Just to understand the world
I wish I can be open to the world
Just for them to believe in me
I prey you my fellow compatriots
Maybe one day you will learn to understand me
But as we all yearn for that day
I hope to live my life as an ant
If not,
Then as slow as the tortoise
Just for you all to understand my plight.

Patience, many claim, Moves Mountains
But I think differently
To me Patience melts down mountains
So I always pray to the Creator to soften my heart
Sometimes I breed anger in me
Other times, envy
To the extent of fear
I always hope to be like the ocean
Probably like an erupted volcano
Just to be able to melt down my anger and rage
Perhaps I will be able to do that one day
To be able to live my life the way it should be.

Monday, May 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Realities about a person.
Brian Jani 05 May 2014

nice one Hamza keep writing. please checkout my poems.

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Colleen Courtney 05 May 2014

A very thoughtful write. I always feel though that it's most important to be true to who you are. No matter how others think or feel. Be happy with you! Nicely written poem though. Can feel it coming from the heart.

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