The Tiny Hole Poem by Hamza Obeng

The Tiny Hole

The room begins to get smaller
Only the moon shone through the tiny window
Perhaps this is how it is meant to be
I yearn for strength and hope
As though that was daily bread
As I wrapped myself up in the rugs around me
I ponder over why life just turned so sour for me
For just a while ago I lay in my sofa
With all the beauty and glamor around me
Thinking I could have conquered the world
But here I see myself
For something I never imagined to happen to me.

The chains clanked as I walked down the alley
It made my hands stiffen
As though they were that of a robot
Now what do they think of me?
Even dogs have a little freedom
Maybe I deserved better
I wish I woke up from this nightmare
Perhaps my cup is running full
I need your ears
For here I see myself;
For something I never imagined to happen to me.
What lies ahead of me here?
What fate awaits me?
Seeing these new faces covered in fear and hope
Hearing their wailing and screaming
I wished I could comfort them
But I realized I was now one of them
All I could do was pray for the better
For only the Creator can feel my anxiety
Hope I smile soon
For here I see myself;
For something I never imagined to happen to me.

The nights were becoming many
The people became closer
Seeing those bars was now a daily routine.
The floors were no longer cold
Neither were the ceilings so frightening
Maybe this is my new home
I now feel as if my world has began again
For now I accept my fate.
That this is where I belong
I have now adjusted
For even though I see myself here
For something I never imagined to happen to me.

The days are drawing closer and closer
The feel of the outside world’s breeze became stronger
I begin to ask myself;
What awaits me out there?
Even though I am reformed, I fear
Leaving my new family is painful
But I have to be the light for them
For maybe we will one day be together again
In a world we seek to change
To teach the world everything they need
For my farewell to you in here, is my open arms to you out there
For the world to welcome me back into its arms again! ! !

Monday, May 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
A true reflection of how life can change within a short while
Walterrean Salley 10 September 2014

For only the Creator can feel my anxiety. And He makes room for you. Regardless how small the hole, there is a way out.

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i read and felt it good. some wording is touching

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