Hannah Davies Poems

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Going Round In Circles

I am so tired
Sick of all the questions being fired.
My head wants to go pop
I'm begging for it all to stop.

A Gift

A gift was sent to thee
A lovely gift by the name of Sammi.
I met her online, one dark and lonely night
She is so caring, funny and bright.

Christmas Time

It's christmas time
An excuse to eat junk and drink loads of wine.
Hanging decorations on the tree
Make it pretty for all to see.

A Good Thing

I will always stand by you
Stick by your side like super-glue.
I'll come running when you shourt
I'll be there without a doubt.


Looking in the mirror
Wishing I could disappear.
Everything I see I hate
But there is no way of changing fate.

Thinking Of You

You popped into my head today
Whilst I was innocently looking the other way.
It was only for a minute or two
I don't know what made me think of you.

Lost And Found

Dad, you'll always be my herro
You could never amount to zero.
You may not have always been there
But that doesn't mean that you didn't care.

Do I Believe?

The Garden of Eden
Isn't that in Sweden?
Does it really exist?
Is it really so hard to resist?

Head And Heart

I really don't want to make you feel bad
But yes, you have made me feel sad
I know you didn't mean to
And I can't even imagine what you're going through? ?

My Friend Jade

This is a poem for my friend Jade
To help her feel not so afraid.
I know that she is feeling really low
But she has to try and let the past go.

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