A Gift Poem by Hannah Davies

A Gift

A gift was sent to thee
A lovely gift by the name of Sammi.
I met her online, one dark and lonely night
She is so caring, funny and bright.

Always there to lend her ears
Helps to wipe away the tears.
She could never do anything wrong
With her by my side, it makes me feel strong.

She reminds me a little of myself
Battling problems with her health.
It's so unfair how she has been made to suffer
But I am here to help her recover.

With her I don't have to pretend
She accepts me as I am, that makes her a true friend.
I know when she's happy, I know when she's down
I like to bring back that smile to replace the frown.

It's like I have known her for years
She understands my worries and fears.
I hope she remains a life long friend
And knows that on me she can always depend.

I certainly don't regret
That night we met.
A gift was sent to thee
A lovely girl by the name of Sammi.

Marilyn Lott 10 June 2007

A friend is sent by God. I don't know what I would do without mine. A nice poem.

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Holli Elswick 10 June 2007

Hey I like the poem.

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