Expectations Poem by Hannah Davies


Rating: 5.0

Looking in the mirror
Wishing I could disappear.
Everything I see I hate
But there is no way of changing fate.

I hate the way I look
The best of me they took.
People say beauty is skin deep
But I look and feel a big, fat heap.

The smile that was once on my face
Has disappeared without a trace.
There is nothing good to look at
I guess I should accept that.

The reflection of a child
Whose image is so wild.
People stand and stare
They can't see underneath and don't really care.

Society has such high expectations
For you to meet their 'skinny' regulations.
You have to look a certain way
To be accepted and allowed to stay.

They don't realise about all the pressure
As long as you are made to measure.
Everyone more or less looking the same
Anything to avoid humiliation and shame.

I don't see what's sexy about a size zero
But there's so many youngsters who look at models as their hero.
People don't care who I am
Or how I feel, they couldn't give a damn.

As long as you look good on the outside
No-one takes much notice of what's going on inside.
It shouldn't matter what you eat or about your size
Eating Disorders are a big problem to which people should be made more wise.

When I look in the mirror there is so much I want to change
Maybe my self-image is some what deranged?
All I know is that I don't like what I see
Wish that I could look like anyone other than me.

rachael richmond 15 February 2007

heyyy, stop looking in the mirror and wishing you were someone you ain't......do you think those stick insects with empty heads could write poetry this well? nahhhh...... be yourself, girl. rachael

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Michael Gale 15 February 2007

I cannot believe that there was no comment here for this poem? Yes i agree. Wht should looks really matter? I don't think that models should be that skinny as that will cause alot of teenage girls to starve themselves to death. Prime example is Karen Carpenter the singer that died of anexaria or whatever the spelling is? I gave ya a ten here kind woman of the write. God bless all poets-MJG.

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