Hannah York Poems

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The Secret Garden

There's rambling roses slowly growing,
And a creaking mossy swing is groaning,
Birds will swoop throughout the day,
Snatching shiny fruit along the way,

Fragile Love.

Eveytime I look at you I catch my breath,
Nothing can part us not even death,
My heart is spiralling flying up high,
Because your eyes hold me like the sky,

It's Not Me.

He didn't see me,
when he looked in my eyes,
He tried to cover it with copious lies,
I know I should have ended it,


I saw a butterfly one day
Delicate as lace
I pondered as I slowly walked
What god had made his angel face?

Hopeless Romantic

One smile and I've fallen,
A wink and I'm gone,
I won't hear others callin',
A hug and the deals done.

Guardian Angel.

Looking into her glassy eyes he saw her as she had been
The first sight was fresh to his mind
Her corn silk hair flowing, a majestic mane
Her flashing eyes, emeralds on her perfect face.

I Am Not Alone.

Always fighting
Falling under
It's so hard to breath
Drowning, spluttering


I will never forget that fateful day,
Haunting me in its terrible way.
As soon as they said you were to die,
There was nothing I could do but cry.


There's a monster in my house
It turns me into a blithering mouse
I love that monster in everyway
I hate that monster everyday

Story Of My Life

Like I couldn't stop sawing,
The blood doesn't seem to stop pouring.
White to red,
Live to dead.

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