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There's rambling roses slowly growing,
And a creaking mossy swing is groaning,
Birds will swoop throughout the day,
Snatching shiny fruit along the way,

Eveytime I look at you I catch my breath,
Nothing can part us not even death,
My heart is spiralling flying up high,
Because your eyes hold me like the sky,

He didn't see me,
when he looked in my eyes,
He tried to cover it with copious lies,
I know I should have ended it,

I saw a butterfly one day
Delicate as lace
I pondered as I slowly walked
What god had made his angel face?

One smile and I've fallen,
A wink and I'm gone,
I won't hear others callin',
A hug and the deals done.

Looking into her glassy eyes he saw her as she had been
The first sight was fresh to his mind
Her corn silk hair flowing, a majestic mane
Her flashing eyes, emeralds on her perfect face.

Always fighting
Falling under
It's so hard to breath
Drowning, spluttering

I will never forget that fateful day,
Haunting me in its terrible way.
As soon as they said you were to die,
There was nothing I could do but cry.

There's a monster in my house
It turns me into a blithering mouse
I love that monster in everyway
I hate that monster everyday

Like I couldn't stop sawing,
The blood doesn't seem to stop pouring.
White to red,
Live to dead.

Love is a flame,
Burning bright white.
Love is your name,
Whispered in the night.

You're reaching out for me,
Irresistibly tempting what you see,
Perfume drags me in,
Into your world full of sin,

Who is this angel taking over?
Their wings are spreading out inside,
My heart is fighting with their power,
My soul is crawling off to hide.

They say dreams can come true,
That dream should be me and you,
I poisoned our love,
You say I looked for too much guidance from above,

The rusted manacles of my mind,
Forcing me to be blind,
It ends today,
Staring at the lists,

If I stare hard enough
At these walls
I can join the dots
Join the cracks

Eyes watch me where I go,
Scutinise my angry glares,
Directed at their nosy stares.
My every secret they wish to know,

It's all a game to me,
I hope you realise,
How evil I can be.
You say you know,

You're like a helium balloon,
Floating away out of reach,
Always gone a kiss too soon.

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The Secret Garden

There's rambling roses slowly growing,
And a creaking mossy swing is groaning,
Birds will swoop throughout the day,
Snatching shiny fruit along the way,
Plants will grow and stretch up high,
To steal a sun ray from the sky,
There's a sparkling stream a flowing,
And still the magic keeps on growing,
The sandstone walls will never crumble,
As long as flowery blossom tumbles,
The weathered gate shall never fail,
Or shatter in an angry gail,
None shall ever mute the lark,
Nor make this secret garden stark,
It shall grow on blossoming love,
Hope and purity of a snow white dove,
Nothing shall ever tear it apart,
For this haven lives in your heart.

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Faith Franklin 22 October 2012

your words are beautiful.....the way your poems flow is amazing.

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