Appeal Against Time Poem by Hannington Mumo

Appeal Against Time

Rating: 4.3

The malicious winding of your hurried pace
That erases fond memories without a trace
Wastes things that breathe and things mute.
Pitiless Time - you are such a ruthless brute!

If you only aged men who your dials mess,
Or only blighted the cute ignorant mistress
Who thinks that your clocks tick for naught,
Then yours would be a war honorably fought.

But in your cruel rounds of unjustified rage
You smite the harmless poet with old age
And make him halt the scribbling of his pen
And dim his wits beyond their heyday ken.

Perhaps no one has rebuked your wanton brutality,
And maybe you will grant my pursuit for eternity –
But if in your undue use of force you snuff my breath,
Then at least leave my innocent rhyme in intact health.

Thursday, November 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: time
Nel Omofolarin 13 September 2022

You are one brilliant African poet whose works I have been reading lately...! Am super proud of you! Keep knitting wooing words!

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A B Fanikik 09 August 2019

Nice. Keep the mcoming

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Vera Sidhwa 11 March 2016

Fantastic verse ands long lined too. You are a great poet. Time halting the plume your pen. Keep writing ten of ten

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Anil Kumar Panda 02 December 2015

The last line touches the heart. Words from a true poet. Liked it.

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Darlene Walsh 13 November 2015

A very thoughtful poem. Time is merciless, taking it's toll on all of us. Money will not buy an additional minute, and skills of a poet will unforgivingly end despite the beauty of the rhymes we leave behind. The best we can hope for, besides making the best of the time we have here, is to leave something behind that still brings fond memories to those left here. And hopefully, as your poem says, time will leave our innocent rhyme in intact health. Nice rhythm and rhyming. I enjoyed your poem very much.

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