Kumarmani Mahakul Heaven Poems

Falling From Heaven

Sky looks like heaven with clouds
Mind is heaven of body in purity
Falling thoughts like raindrops
To write love in lap sky tries.

Shrubbery Is Brought From Heaven

God has created this garden,
Beauty is veil of this,
Mind is rejuvenated in faith
Little flowers have bloomed.

This Highway Is Up To Heaven

Very clean this highway is very long,
Curved in a zigzag manner this invites,
Dawn on arrival welcomes creatures,
Visitors have their journey in this way.

You Fall From Heaven

You fall from heaven I wait for you,
You are drops of diamond also new.
Morning dew speaks and does adore,
Surely now this sky has opened door.


Heaven is a captivating word, it is on high
Each person imagines, it can't sea with eye
Actually we say good qualities as heaven or shiva
Vexation is absent here no fear of shiv

Jump To Heaven In Time

Oh people come this is precious time,
For stabilizing mind no need of dime.
Rhyme comes in mind for our father,
Father comes to watch us soon further.

Heaven Is In Your Hand

Honest persons are adorable
Honeyed speeches come from them,
Honour they get from people
Honesty is their gem.

Light Is Calling From Heaven

Oh so wonderful this is night,
From heaven us calling is light.
Brightness speaks about mid day,
Who knows secret soon you say.

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