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Heritier Losembe Poems

1. Ô Earth! 6/29/2015
2. Outburst Receptacle 6/29/2015
3. I Can'T Stand Being Gay 7/26/2015
4. How Do I Know? 7/29/2015
5. Mournful Rift 7/29/2015
6. Self-Opinionated 4/17/2016
7. Un Bel Acte Honore 4/17/2016
8. Quiproquo 4/17/2016
9. Binding Forever 1/2/2017
10. Judgement 1/2/2017
11. Sous Le Charme De Joyce 7/3/2015
12. Sous Le Charme... 7/3/2015
13. Moo-Moo 3/15/2017
14. As Time Goes By 4/17/2016
15. Green 1/2/2017
16. A Lot Of Fuss About Nothing 6/30/2015
17. Treasure 7/26/2015
18. My Brother's Birthday 7/1/2015
19. Lonely Sun 6/29/2015
20. Love Hoax 4/17/2016
21. A Friendly Smile 6/29/2015
22. No War 6/28/2015
23. Joyce 6/27/2015

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I was hanging out with friends
Holding hands in hands
All of a sudden, I saw an Angel
I got absent-minded for ages
Staring at this seduction in nature
I could not keep the secret
To my friends I let it out
I kept on looking at the creature
My eyes turned blue by then
My heart felt a peaceful burden
A burden of eternal pure love
She was such an Angel to love
She was wearing joy and peace
I was so stunned to meet her
I turned weaker than ever
Amazingly, her name was Joyce
I was insanely dump in love with her
It was a never-forgotten moment
A ...

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Ô Earth!

Come on, what’s up on earth
I can hardly recognize your breath
I wonder why pains linger in depth
I believed they’ve been fired at length
Pains have snatched all your strength
O, my homeland. Your cross’s real
Soon in despair you’ll heal
Natural disaters’ll break deal
Hope you. Joy’ll login a piecemeal

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