Joyce Poem by Joseph Dela Sulh (losembe)


Rating: 4.8

I was hanging out with friends
Holding hands in hands
All of a sudden, I saw an Angel
I got absent-minded for ages
Staring at this seduction in nature
I could not keep the secret
To my friends I let it out
I kept on looking at the creature
My eyes turned blue by then
My heart felt a peaceful burden
A burden of eternal pure love
She was such an Angel to love
She was wearing joy and peace
I was so stunned to meet her
I turned weaker than ever
Amazingly, her name was Joyce
I was insanely dump in love with her
It was a never-forgotten moment
A way better than entertainment
She was my peace, my Angel, my Joyce...

First time I saw an Angel...
Akhtar Jawad 26 July 2015

my peace, my Angel, my Joyce.....................beautiful.

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Thanks for your comment Akhtar Jawad

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Kelly Kurt 27 June 2015

The first angel is often the best. Thanks for sharing, Heritier. Peace

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Roseann Shawiak 27 June 2015

Ahhh, the innocence of first love, it is so pure and lovely, never to be forgotten. Great poem, can feel the peace within you through this poem. Thank you for sharing it, RoseAnn

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Thanks for your comments

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Joseph dela Sulh Losembe 02 March 2020

Thanks to all of you

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Joseph Dela Sulh (losembe) 08 February 2017

Thank you very much indeed Chinedu Dike and all of you who painted stunning comments on this poem

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Chinedu Dike 08 February 2017

Beautiful depiction of love at first sight, well articulated and nicely penned from the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes Patricia Grantham, very special she was. Thanks for your comment indeed

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Patricia Grantham 27 July 2015

A beautiful poem about your angel. She was someone who was very special to you. Love your sentiments and sweet thoughts.

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