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Little pigs, little pigs, working at, you better listen in,
This is nobody and friends, the one’s with a large space in your show,
I’m here to tell you, it won’t be any fun, trying to cap with Master’s son…

How do I know when my youth is all sent?
When, my get up and go, has gotten up and went,
In spite of this problem, I can still grin,
When memories come fondly,

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside.
I just finished cleaning.'


This day that starts true love
I wish to offer my heart and verse
Oath of honesty for two to start…
This day of affection leading to nights of love

There is nothing worse than a woman's scorn,
'Vengeances is mine sayith the LORD! '
Does anger and vengeance not blind sinners from the truth?
Who am I to dare take the LORD'S sword for his work?

Even Chief Red Cloud was very proud,
When his sprit came back down,
And mingled with us, on the reservation…

In the west strange things happen that we still can’t explain,
Medicine men are highly sought, yet have no medical degree to claim.
If you visit a Lakota Indian Shaman, bring a translator and tobacco,
toll for a Spirit Journey, his vigil, assuring none intercede the journey…

To try the dark
This horrid place
Reasons all near
Demon’s haunt brains

Sometimes that nightmare,
Sometimes that saint,
Sometimes that savior,
Many times my happiness,


The holy text of love
Impossible loves desire
A naked woman did appear
Her love so sweet

My stout Thai friend you watch and wait, till you know what is true.
My friend and tribe brother, a man very brave and true.
To see the souls of others, a gift that must be cloaked!
We can’t tell them what is true,

Normally quiet and meek as a mouse,
That REBEL JEW gives me a mighty voice
I will not be converted for I am already there
In the army of the REBEL JEW!

I set in wait,
Electronic blips of hope,
The ones of excitement,
As my heart quicken...

Emotions so overwhelming
They leave you sweating in fear
My love stays all night
Reality does not live in here

A heart pounding exaltation into realms of the unknown,
Paralyzing dilemmas of insufferable images claimed as our own.
Things that should not be; yet still,
they are so.

Here enduring a wait, and weight,
Ready to start before time I wait,
Each sound outside multiplies a wait,
Longing my love has become weight,

Looking from views gone past
Seeking lessons to learn of the future
A need to know because you do not
Toiled endlessly with it for life

I know you must feel, a love that lingers,
As generations draw near.
Young smart woman, aloof and astray,
Come to papa, some may say.

Early Easter morn we were dressed in our Sunday best,
Afraid of getting wet, as water laden clouds started to mist.
Our destination is the Holy Chapel, to praise God with blind faith.
Misting only slightly, and close to the Holy Chapel Gate,

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Fire One

Little pigs, little pigs, working at, you better listen in,
This is nobody and friends, the one’s with a large space in your show,
I’m here to tell you, it won’t be any fun, trying to cap with Master’s son…

Conceder yourself warned, a shot across the bow, in early morn,
Speaking to you, my simpleton friends, on the other side of this gooie,
You have a site; we have the magic, don’t play mute, or act too goofy…

Little pigs, this is your only warning, the line drawn in the sand,
Respond to our correspondence, “Contact Us” as we try to do for you,
Your answer is mum; Hell follows nobody and a world of friends too…

Little pigs, my poems are backed up, in case you think I will not roam,
My works of art, not to amuse you alone; the world will know and hear,
How you treat a single poet, making a point, facing great adversity…

I have doctors, lawyers, and monks meeting on your site you see,
The Web is wonderful, when such a piglet as you, tries to quiet a poet,
I’m serving a warning, to: (I.S.*) nobody knows…

Oink, oink; nobody is watching, as his friends listen in,
Money against magic, who is going to win, not at first, but in the end,
“a boat for six”*, if you don’t know that, or me, silly little pigs…

The world is invited, watching a modern version of, “David and Goliath”
Magic, my piglet little friend, I am going in places you have never been,
(“S. P. HowardKern*) volunteered a first shot, as all Master’s look in…

Oink, oink my piglet little friends, this is only the start of what you begin,
Speak with us, and let the magic, continue to flow free! ! !
Your quick polls are being skewed, as nobody and friends weigh in…

I.S. PoemHunter- internet site
“A boat for six”- a line from my poem, “You think you’ve got troubles”
S.P. HowardKern- single poet Howard Kern

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