Ian Bowen Poems

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A Poem About Nothing

I want to write a poem about 'nothing'
(not an easy thing to do) .
I want to describe the emptiness
that I've found since I lost you.

***on Becoming Blind***

Life is now as confusing
as an Irish mermaid.
The dye from these thick, black socks
colours my toes in violet.

***dying Of Time***

Now in my grey-haired heart,
Flows the blood of seasons past.

Those pastoral beats, that once surged

***the Dream Watchers***

Hold tight now as we glide above the night-gray slates of village rooftops.
Look into the chambers, where in creased pyjama beds,
the sleeping, wrinkle the sheets in unconscious feats of love and derring do.

***alternative Rhapsody For A Queen

Is this a poets life-
Is this just fantasy-
Caught in a forum
No escape from profanity

***the Grasslands Of Tranquility***

A red ball of a sun
sent golden shafts
through the canopy
of ancient oaks; their

***i Remember Crying In My Sleep***

I remember crying in my sleep.
I remember wiping my eyes
on the blanket my Uncle
brought back from the army,

A Slave To Temptation*

She moved the plate
of cream cakes
away from herself
to the far corner of table.

A Queen For The Day

On the back lawn of a home
for the mentally unstable,
she sits threading daisies...

A Third Helping Of Pork

Charging across the grasslands,
having blown down the houses
made of straw and wood, he nears
the brick one.

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