A Poem About Nothing Poem by Ian Bowen

A Poem About Nothing

Rating: 2.7

I want to write a poem about 'nothing'
(not an easy thing to do) .
I want to describe the emptiness
that I've found since I lost you.
The crashing waves of ecstasy
will me missing from my verse.
There will no expletive adjectives
or headless-chicken curse.
The glorification of life's scenery
will be omitted from this page.
I will not mention the 'seven wonders'
or some ancient, historic age.

I will simpy be negative
and just scribble what comes out.
Leave you hopelessly pondering...

what this poem is all about

fleur de lys 28 June 2010

Clever and witty...............

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Pranab K Chakraborty 07 April 2010

So we feel there is nothing about nothing. Art always is an illusion to reach us into an undefined fullness of life, so emptiness is hopeless when we try to define it. We Indian once contributed ZERO in mathematical digit. Zero means a circle. A circle means a rounded perrifery to imprisoned the nothingness in limitation. So which is limited that is not eternal. Actually when poet is in an inexplainable state of ecstasy, He can write such a lucid but in-depth meaning oriented poem. Great experience of reading.

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Christopher Murphy 20 February 2010

A really enjoyable read, thanks....

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Anne Rogers 30 January 2010

this is a beautiful poem! it depicts people's feelings- loss, sorrow, memory and peace and yet it doesn't. its complex yet simple. its about nothing yet it is about something. something rare and beautiful. something natural.....10++++++++++++++++ into infinity!

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