RoseAnn V. Shawiak İnnocence Poems

Innocence Laughs Freely And Unhesitantly

Joy being brought to mind when an innocent child laughs freely
and un-hesitantly out loud, whispers ending up in smiles, because
they tend to tickle little sensitive ears.

Innocence Of Child - Like Purity

Slowly moving, ingenuity is continually creating from
it's interior wisdom, giving this mind food for thought
at every moment in time.

Innocence And Purity Of Being A Virgin

Treasuring and cherishing the innocence and purity of
being a virgin at the age of twenty-seven, never ever
wanting anything to take that away.

Granddaughter's Innocence

Touching nature through musical memories,
watching my Granddaughter on the front
lawn as she happily waves her arms excitedly -
when she sees a butterfly flying around the

Nature's Innocence

Yellow blossoms popping out before my eyes,
brightly shining in my mind.

Melodies Of Innocence

Tempting rhythms carrying melodies into hearts of innocence,
depths of it filled with the energy of a life designed by a poetical and musical rhythm.

Being just the way God loves to love us in His way of perfect mercy and blessings, moving throughout moments and into another horizon.

Watching Innocence Of children

Watching the innocence of children when hearing music and its rhythms, seeming to pick up their bright spirits, causing them to move into rhythms of melodies.

Arms swinging, feet tapping, minds filled with the essence of youth as it's being tempted in darkness all around us here at Desert Ridge.

Rhythms Dropping Like Abc's From A Child's Innocence

Rhythms dropping like abc's from a child's innocence and pure insight that never dies, only living in positive and sacred measures as they pick up speed.

Much like a child who's heart wants to become in designs and patterns of music, listening to her little voice and watching as she gains balance.

Being Reminded Of The Innocence Of Childhood

Hustling into one adventure after another, seeing compromises
that want a part in the writing of life's story.

Reminding and being reminded of the innocence of childhood

Remembering Innocence

Remembering the essence of being a child
in yesterday's years of life.
Seeing the dreams alighting in my mind,
wanting to be borne to fruition.

A Child's Innocence

Rotating into nether worlds,
regaining stature of rhythm's measures as
they are being played in harmonic sounds.
Being recreated into childish gibberish,

Rays Of Innocence

Lights of goodness, focusing on peaceful countenances, deriving beauty from places of innocence throughout
natural sites of impossible joyous reunions.

Surfing simple respect and dignity, holding gently

Fountains Of Youthful Innocence

Jumbling and tumbling into measures that want to be heard by
everyone, a glorious and mesmerizing temptation, an impossibil-
ity of life's innocence.

Innocence Being Stolen

Recalling the wonder and beauty of childhood and the good
wholesome shows we used to watch, all protecting our pure

Sometimes Hearing Innocence

Sometimes hearing the innocence of being young oh so
long ago, heart letting go of childlike tears inside
a tribute to this inner child.

Capturing Innocence

Charging energy early in the morning, breaking the sleep
of night with writing and thinking, leaving behind the
dreams of fantasy to face the reality of another day.

Innocence Of Youth

Noticing two boys playing pool here at the Senior Center,
both concentrating intently on trying to get the balls in-
to the pockets and winning the game.

Total Innocence Of Youth

Noticing two boys playing pool here at the Senior Center,
both concentrating intently on trying to get the balls in-
to the pockets and winning the game.

Innocence Of Snowmen

Pristine and beautiful, winter sunshine falling onto a snow-
filled ground, crystals of ice lying around, icicles hanging
like Christmas decorations from every tree.

Educating Quality Of Innocence

Staying in a contemplative mood, staring into a fire of
my essence, lit with an intellectual energy and verve,
satisfied with thoughts that fill me through imagination.

Pure Innocence In Rhythms

Remembering songs being sung when a mere child, loving
to sing them, finding a clear and pure innocence in
their words as rhythms enticed our minds.

Living Times Of Innocence

Racing down dusty trails of yesterday's western town,
not taking anything away from a beautiful country -
western restaurant.

Snowflakes Of Purity And Innocence

Explosions of feelings falling like snowflakes into beings
on this earth, people all over the world watching as they
continue to gather into snowdrifts.

Holding Our Existence In Pure Innocence

Radio bringing back a song of when we were young,
it still has the same tender feelings coming to
the surface as the music continues to play.

Curtains Of Purity And Innocence

Love betrays us time and again, trying to hide it, not wanting
to be hurt, afraid it won't be a true love and will be lost in
the desert of betrayal.

Retaining Innocence

Easily attaining other dimensions through creative fluid processes
that carry with them many responsibilities in this life, staying
true to self and God.

Love's Innocence

Love seething within my heart, filled with a fiery blaze
that cannot be put out.

Loving you so intensely that it cannot be quenched unless

Timely Moments Of Innocence

Touching upon silence of a garden growing, capturing the
attention of this poet, a song being sung from heavenly
abodes and raining down upon intellect unceasingly.

Tones Of Innocence

Totally rocking to rhythms of every measure, being
sent into the interior intellect of my mind, always
riding notes as they take me into depths and heights
of other worlds.

Filled With Innocence

Relating facts to intellect, letting it accept or reject
them according to what it feels is right, tapping inner
resources with a gentle whisper of rhythm.

Drowning In Pure Innocence

Just stepping in time, letting myself be taken into
depths of rhythm's beginnings and endings.

Loving and taking my place in the space of life that

Soldier's Innocence

Innocent, naïve young soldiers sent to a foreign country
without a clue of reality, just words spoken to them
encouraging attitudes needed to fight a war.

Taunting Innocence

Silent penetrating notes filtering quietly into my
heart unbidden.

Like a rising sun, love is rising within me for you

Sanctity Of Innocence

Dancing to rhythms here on paper, giving vibrations of life
to every poem that I am writing, touching and noticing every
aspect, expression and experience of an after-life, awaiting
my presence on the other side of life's curtains.

Blood Of Innocence

Plugged into the incandescent socket of remorseful thinking,
not seeing any way out into the open.

Trailing sideways, peeking over edges as it is carried towards

Innocence Of Being

Having somnolent thoughts after a long day of abuse from
other people, thinking that what they say is gospel and
must be listened to.

Pure Innocence

12: 09 p.m.
Rushing into the center of life, listening to a rock and
roll band filling minds with it's glorious music.

Pure Life's Innocence

Children holding the beauty of innocence so carefully
in their undeveloped minds, practicing it naturally
without qualms or doubts.
Feeling the purity of life setting them apart from