Innocence Of Snowmen Poem by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Innocence Of Snowmen

Pristine and beautiful, winter sunshine falling onto a snow-
filled ground, crystals of ice lying around, icicles hanging
like Christmas decorations from every tree.

Snowmen having been built by children throughout the neigh-
borhood, showing the goodness and purity of children, their
innocence reflected in their snowmen.

Telling the story of their young lives and what joy they
put into everything, enjoying every creation coming from

Children are our blessings here on earth, it's a shame
that not all people feel the same way, instead they mur-
der their own children in the worst ways.

Letting the baby come full term, taking the baby out ex-
cept for it's head, then taking scissors, stabbing them
at the base of the brain.

Twisting and turning the scissors to cut off their little
brains and kill them painfully, abortion is murder, there
are no excuses for it.

Pristine and beautiful winter sunshine falling onto a sun-
filled ground, crystals of ice lying around, icicles hanging
like Christmas decorations from every tree.

Ghosts of snowmen never having been made by children whose
mothers thought they were not worthy of life, even though
God gave them life to be born here on earth.

Mothers deciding to overrule God and take matters into
their own hands, murdering their children for no reason
other than selfishness, usually, or doctor's suggestion.

There are a few exceptions, but thinking about when I was pregnant, the doctor telling me there were going to be too many complications and I should have an abortion. Told him to save my baby, let me go, because I had lived a full life. He looked me in the eyes and said I
will save you both. It was touch and go, my baby went into fetal distress, an emergency C-section had to be done. Recalling hearing someone say, 'she's turning blue, we're losing her, turn up the oxygen and then remembering no more. Upon awakening, being told I had a baby boy, which I had known instinctively, then was given my little boy to hold. He was so tiny, premature, but I loved him with a love so deep inside, the joy in my heart overwhelmed me. To this day, he is the joy of my life, so glad I didn't listen to the doctor! Now a father with two daughters of his own that I love with all my heart and a step daughter he has raised as his own, a great man and
wonderful father. So very proud of the man he has become.
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