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One two three
Never jump from tree.
Four five six
With strangers never mix

She was always searching for a 'Prince Charming'
Who can use his tool for skillful farming
But the one she found was expert in farting
That too at the rate explosive and alarming

There are many gurls over here
some have cheers some have tears
They log in during school hours
And write about their haters and lovers

I miss you
As head miss the hair
Or lions miss the lair
I miss you

like a flower
three in a vase
you light up dark moments
with colors of spring

Mommy, today is my birthday. I am 4 months old.

Mommy I have toes and I am a girl. Mommy, Please don't be sad any more.

Came to school today
Feeling hell again
Not sure what to do
Till I see your face again

I said 'God it hurts'
And God said 'I Know'
I said 'God I cry alot'
And God said 'That's why I gave you tears'


im lost
no one cares, as i sit in the dark crying out for a loved one 2 rescue me, noone comes. imdead 2 the world and yet again noone cares.

Now dis site has turned in2 kinda hellhole
U have 2 log on twenty times
Though I dont have commited ne crime
then why should I pay fine

The temperatre in here is freezing cold. The windows are all frozen shut. The only door here is the door that leads to hell. I can't even open it quickly and shut it because if I do that I will immediately burn from the inside out and I won't even have ashes left to be accounted for. If I could just break the window, I could escape this prison and finally start over. Maybe I would marry a fine black man and have kids. But let's face it. What man would want a women whose teeth have mostly fallen out due to the consistently freezing cold temperature. Sometimes I close my eyes for minutes at a time for fear of going blind. It's always so bright and so cold in here. But I guess the good thing is that eventhough I haven't showered for days, I can't smell myself because the wind is constantly blowing. It's so boring in here. All I want is a little sunshine...

All copyright@Ali Warewolf

You go to a party, not knowing im going.
You are dancing and I see you, your drinking, I see you.
You slow dance with a girl, I see you.
Do you see me?

Waking up every day
Wishing that I’m not alive
The sunrise is burning my soul
I don’t want this life

u helped me when i'm down your there when i happy your there. when it's the worse your there when it's the best. your there when i feel crazy and when i am down u say it's ok let it out. u say it wont last forever and it's ok to cry. and when i am at the worst and want to cut myself u are there telling me there's no point in cutting yourself in the long run the pain will still be therefor a while and u still be up set and i'm glade u guys are my friends to be through the happyness and the sadness through the besr and worse thats what i call true friends that will be with u forever no matter what i know i have true friends that say when i need them they will help me through the worst of it all so open your heart to your true friends and they will be with u trough it all. love your friends and belive in them and your true friends wont let u have good friends and be happy and they will do the same.

All copyright @robin serdynski

Kodie tells the girl that he loves them, but flirts with your
best friend Taylor.
Kodie says he wants to be with you, but tries to get with your best friend Taylor.
Kodie came down to see me, but is actually with your

Breathing through a tight chest
I stand at attention to the rough, tormented ocean.
The jagged edge of the cliff
My arms arise in slow motion.

The clouds is dark outside
My life is spinning around to fast
I have no friends by my side
Family turn their back on me

what do people see when they look at me? ? This is the question that goes through my mind all the time. Do they only see what's on the outside or do they see whats deep within?

Your Soul Biography

I lyke Angelina Jolie butt C luvs Bradd Pitt.I also lyke Jennifer Anitson, butt C waz in luv wid Bradd Pitt.If Angelina adopts me then i don't have NE problem.Anglina has already adopeted 6 kids, if C adopts one more than I dont think there would be NE problem.I also lyke Paris Hilton, butt C doz not know me, wut 2 do? plz write 2 me)

The Best Poem Of Your Soul

One Two Three

One two three
Never jump from tree.
Four five six
With strangers never mix
Seven eight nine
Never drink wine
Ten eleven twelve
Never jump in well
Thirteen fourteen fifteen
Never be mean
Sixteen seventeen eighteen
Always be lean
Nineteen twenty twenty one
First study then fun
Twenty two twenty three twenty four
In sleep never snore
Twenty five twenty six twenty seven
Always drink lemon
Tweny eight twenty nine thirty
Always be thrifty
Thirty one thirty two thirty three
In tin never pee
Thirty four thirty five thirty six
Never touch the grease
Thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine
At proper time dime
Forty forty one forty two
Keep clean your loo
Forty three forty four forty five
Never touch bee-hive
Forty six forty seven forty eight
In school never be late
Forty nine fify fifty one
Never stare at sun
Fifty two fifty three fifty four
Never become bore
Fify five fifty six fifty seven
Never go in tavern
Fifty eight fity nine sixty
Never be feisty
Sixty one sixty two sixty three
Nothing comes free
Sixty four sixty five sixty six
Gurls shouldn't be teased
Sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine
Always stand in line
Seventy seventy one seventy two
People shouldn't be booed
Seventy three seventy four seventy five
See matches live
Seventy six seventy seven seventy eight
Don't harbor hate
Seventy nine eighty eighty one
Amidst traffic never run
Eighty one eighty two eighty three
Always drink green tea
Eighty four eight five eight six
After eating please rinse
Eight seven eighty eight eighty nine
Like sun you should shine
Ninety ninety one ninety two ninety three
Never swim in the sea
Ninety four ninety five ninety six
Never touch the pix
Ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine
Never mistreat kine
Hundred Hundred Hundred
Never jump signal red

(As advised by my mom)

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Aarya 25 June 2018

Very. Nice. Poem. The. Wrighter. Has a. Good. Thinking

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Iron Panda 23™ 07 May 2010

well lets see.......... hes awesomifitastic! ! of my bestest friends! ! =D.....soooo trustworthy...not only that hes an awesome poet...friend...vice president....n if u try to do anything to bring any form of harm to him.....ill ANNIHILATE u! ! >: D (u wont know how but believe i will...n im not kidding) ....well loves ya always! ! UNDERSTAND? ? ...good^-^

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Breanna Aguilar 01 November 2009

hey i like like that poem!

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