issam hal Poems

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My Ugly Suzan

In my dreams i saw a genie coming to my serenity.
With a so ugly face approaches she tries to taint my sanctity.
She is Suzan like a trash was too smelly and too dirty.
Looking for her dreams pig but no one is worthy.

When Isolation Is A Home

I will spend a night staring at the moon.
Because i know it's my time to be alone.
When everyone follows the lights and follows the crowd.
I'll keep my soul waits for this boundless road.

Never To Reach The Angels

In my life i hadn't ever seen a girl so wise so beauty.
Makes me waiting tomorrow comes to only see the pretty.
Nothing as beautiful as her charming face.
And nothing as charming as her beautiful kiss.

My Dates

I have a date
I ran fifty miles to meet my girl
I forgot my watch, my cloths my hair in curl
She is late

Ugly Alone In This Silly World

Alone with this face.
I wanna share the life.
I wanna reach the lines.
Alone with this eyes.

My Beautiful Teacher

Come to us with your fluent knowledge, speak to us
Not to leave little speech you never say to us
Come to us with a beautiful jaunty face make us forget a day
Long days we disobeyed till we faded away

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