My Dates Poem by issam hal

My Dates

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I have a date
I ran fifty miles to meet my girl
I forgot my watch, my cloths my hair in curl
She is late
But I'm waiting till the moonlight is back
I'm still waiting the streets are empty and the whole sky is black
Wondering is this the day that I have a date?
Oh well it's Sunday, I'm supposed to meet my baby Monday
Tomorrow 2010 the 21 July is her birthday
I ran fifty miles to go back home
I wore my watch my cloths and I'll be back soon
I'm there, I've brought a gift
1 hour passed, my kitten still late
4 hour passed, and I'm so bored to wait
I asked someone, is here the place …?
: I don't know!
I asked another he didn't care he turned his face
I ran fifty meters to my baby house
I found her kissing a boy, I felt puke I feel I'm mouse
I waved my hand I said: hi she said: goodbye
I waved my hand I said: I have a gift; she took the gift and said: goodbyyyye
I ran fifty miles to go back home, tired I'm thinking of the doom
I made a call she is not answering the phone
I made a call again she turned off the phone
I took a rose, I'm feeling mood
She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not
She loves me
Ohh I'm feeling good
I have a date…

Anjali Sinha 28 July 2012

will someone please explain why so many hurdles one has to cross to win over his or her love? ? ? ? ? great and hilarious poem--you know-I simply loved this. anju

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 09 July 2010

Wow that's deep, it hurt me to read that, but a great story.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 July 2010

Poetry of dilemma and denial…such stuff [read gal] are like so…poetically viable as it is virtual…in reality your emotion passion are but zero value to them… Better kick [is equal to ignore] them…even multiple marathon runs will prove futile and sterile though you’ve date…better turn over calendar page for next date to for a candid gal…. thanks for such a melancholy poem… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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O why does love have to be so complicated! So enjoyed the read, , ending was brilliant. Goo one; D

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