Bad Day Poem by Jade DragonHeart

Bad Day

I had a bad day
Over the past few years
I’ve been getting into trouble
With those of my kind that kill

I had a bad day
When I see you I feel sick
Your eyes turn red at the sight of my face
I had to go for a lie to get you out of my mind

We’ve had a bad day
I don’t mind telling you
You had a bad day as well as I
I think we need a blue sky holiday

I had a bad day
Because I was tortured
By the one I was turned by
My passion had gone away

You had a bad day
The magic was lost when I was gone
You picked up the pieces
But I was left in the ground

We used to have bad days
But when we were back together again
We were just fine in the path of hell
Our passion left after we were apart, but was brought back in hell

We needed a blue sky holiday
We went for the lie of our love
We had a few bad days in our time
But we took a blue sky holiday

Be we ended up in the path of hell
That was our real bad day

David Beckham 05 August 2010

We all have bad and good days. Thank for sharing

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Shekhar Joshi 02 March 2010

This is as gud as the original....and yeah i love it as much as i love the original..., : D

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Interesting...The first part makes me think of someone whose friends are in gangs. Second part, sounds kind of like the aftermath of a break up....Ehh, I won't go saying what I think this and that means. From an overall view, I think it was good. Yeaahh, plenty of images here and there coming to mind.

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Christy Lamb 07 April 2008

hey this is a really great poem!

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