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I'm sad now but I don't really know why....
I knew me and you would be back together but
I still stressed over the fact that you was gone....
If God plays his magic game, then me and you

The color of the liquid that now flows from her wrist. She
turned to her trusty 'friend' that's never failed her.

I have a secret love, one that must not be spoken of.
She's beautiful & I secretly admire her soft spoken ways.
Why cant she notice me? Why cant I be seen by her?
She's an amazing girl & I want to experience life with

As I sit by my window looking out;
I notice myself begin to pout.

I'm pouting because of you;

You're the best friend ever;
the one who'll go away never.
The one who I can talk to;
noone understands me the way you do.

Roses are beautiful;
Violets are too.
Reread the first line;
That's what I think of you.


I love this person but do they love me.Love's a mystery; you dont know what you have until its gone, what if it just fade's away.
Love is so complicated, like a brain teaser. Its tricky but then when you get it, it's not fun aymore.
I wish our love was strong, maybe a dose of steroids to boost up the strength.
What is love really, is it a thought of imagination, like a fairytale full of dream and laughter.

Were do I begin... I've been hurt outta love &
I think it's funny how love brings so much pain.
The pain of being lied to, the pain of the jealousy
taken over, & the pain of your body shutting down

You are the brightening of my day;
the one who makes all the clouds go away.
You are the apple of my eye;

There's this one girl who's name states it all, she's the
one who solves my life. She helps me throughout my
day. When I'm down & when I need comfort her shoulder 's
always availiable. I love this girlie because she's always

I've been imagining it when I close my eyes
& try to picture you infront of me. It's like when
two people decide to have there first kiss. How
they both lean in & there's a split moment of hesitation,

I love Tati, she loves me, we're a lesbian family,
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to her.
She always says she loves me too.

I'm stuck in this world all alone and in shame...
I'm miserable now because I got left for someone
who doesn't truely care.
This person doesn't love you because there just

I'm so confused at this moment without a clue
what to do;
I'm so confused at this moment because I thought
your love was true.

I kept my heart open & available & you stole it....
but I kinda gave it to you in a way...I guess.
I told you that you could rent it for awhile & that if you
wanted to own it then you would have to give me yours

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Name: Jade Sexuality: Bisexual Grade: 9th(almost 10th) Hair color: Blonde and Brown Eye color: Hazel Height: 5-4 Weight: 115 DOB: September 7,1993 Ok so if you wanna know more about me then read on... Yes I'm bisexual and if anyone has a problem with it then please exit my page cuz I have love for both sexes (not just boys and not just girls but BOTH) i love writing poems because i build up all my thoughts and let them spill on to an empty piece of paper! ! ! ! It overwhelms me how many things I can come up with but I always seem to amaze myself! ! ! ! Welp that's my boring life... if u care to know more then message me! ! ! Toodles! ! !)

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*god's Magic*

I'm sad now but I don't really know why....
I knew me and you would be back together but
I still stressed over the fact that you was gone....
If God plays his magic game, then me and you
will be together forever and always! ! !
I know you love me but you really have a funny way
of showing it....
Sometimes you're all cuddles and love and the next
moment you're all about your space.....
It's confusing how much I just want you right now but
for some reason you're not here...
I'm cold because you're not here to warm me...
I'm not really sure where you've gone but I must
not over think it because you're probably just out with
your friends...I think! !
When you come home I'm probably gonna ask you lots
of questions but questions that I deserve to know.....
Where have you been? Why'd you leave? And who in the
hell was you with?
But as you look at me and smile, I'm somewhat angry of
your slightly twisted grin....you pull out a box, not an
ordinary box, but a box that fits in the palm of my hand...
I look into your eyes and I begin to fill a tear fall upon
my cheek...
As I looked up at God to make sure his magic's in full affect,
I look back down and you're on one knee....
Now I'm gonna be your beautiful, blushing bride and I know
longer can be mad anymore! ! ! ! !

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