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I can see your eyes
behind this veil.
But I cannot feel your gaze.
I can hear your words, but your breath

Our night sermon
hovers still on the air.
Frees our slaves,
breaks the hourglass and

Your steeple is crumbling.
They're stripping crosses to melt
for some return.
The bell is gone from the tower.

We sit and let the cosmic dust fall above,
glints in the blackness of the night.
A cacophony of laughter
rises over pines and

Your announcement shocked me a bit,
even though I knew it was coming.
But, to see the post, a declaration so pronounced 'Vaginoplasty'
made me dream.

Fruit ripens on the branch,
tempted back to the earth.
Fungi and insects eat yesterday, shit tomorrow.
Mushrooms link everything,

What is that desolation?
That naked space.
Far behind this sunrise, past the crimson horizon
and the life I've made with you.

We lay beside each other
On our bed, looking at each other,
heads on pillows.
Like downy pink clouds at sunset hovering

It flutters in the air, in whispers,
off the tips of tongues
for millennia.
As common as the movement

We are taxidermists of time, trapping our feral lives,
echoes in the valley.
Our boundless times, surrounded in a surreal mist
a frozen instant.

If I was dying, I would tell you
of all the places I have dreamed we would go together
but I preferred lying with you in our bed.
The stories would contain details of the food we would eat in these exotic places

This adapted mind map I live,
keeps popping up and asking me to adjust
So, I do.
The limits of my mental flexibility become obvious

Take me to that place.
The one you have always said was there
if I looked hard enough.
When I was a child, I would peer into

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I truly believe that poets are scarecrows and poems simply land on us. It is the method with which we express these to the world that is the skill we endeavor to master. I appreciate all forms of feedback, it informs all my work and future undertakings. Thank you for this community, it's the highlight of my internet experience. You are all so thoughtful and brave.

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My Grandparents Were Married 100 Years Ago

I can see your eyes
behind this veil.
But I cannot feel your gaze.
I can hear your words, but your breath
has been suffocated.
The veil sways, against your sound
but the warmth is trapped, away.
The man sold us that veil, at the market
when he heard of our impending nuptials, he said it was
the only way to marry, unite,
and be one, today.
my grandparents had a stove they used
to heat the house
casting light and feeling throughout.
Stoves are not allowed anymore,
too many fires.
Legislated dead, a social contract,
now we watch flames, projected
an attempt to recreate,
to mimic, the original.
Adjusted authenticity.
I know now
you and I are the keepers of the truth.
The terminal ones
who curled on the hearth, as children,
and remember its warmth.
Pulled back the veil,
drank gaze.
Without knowledge of arrangement
ignorant of curation,
Just us
and a need
to free trapped breath.

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