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The Nameless One

ROLL forth, my song, like the rushing river,
   That sweeps along to the mighty sea;
God will inspire me while I deliver
   My soul of thee!

Shapes And Signs

I SEE black dragons mount the sky,
I see earth yawn beneath my feet -
I feel within the asp, the worm
That will not sleep and cannot die,

Kathaleen Ny-Houlahan

LONG they pine in weary woe - the nobles of our land -
Long they wander to and fro, proscribed, alas! and banned;

Dark Rosaleen

O MY Dark Rosaleen,
   Do not sigh, do not weep!
The priests are on the ocean green,
   They march along the deep.


IN Siberia's wastes
The ice-wind's breath
Woundeth like the toothed steel;
Lost Siberia doth reveal

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Michela Cirillo 25 September 2018

He Is my ancestor??

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Yasar Atakam 01 March 2018

He is an extraordinary poet. Some believe that he lived in Turkey during Ottoman times and reincarnated in Ireland. Some of his poems can only be understood fully if you know Turks and Turkey.

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James Clarence Mangan, born James Mangan was an Irish poet.

Literary Career

Mangan was the son of a former hedge school teacher who took over a grocery business and eventually became bankrupt.

Born in Dublin, he was educated at a Jesuit school where he learned the rudiments of Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian. He attended three d ...

James Clarence Mangan Popularity