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Just read the poems.
You'll soon know me then.

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I Wonder About You Courtney

Thinking about this girl.
I know this is gonna' be a long one.
Many poems about this certain girl.
But I know I'm not done.

Won'T Let Go

'One instant can change everything.'
Cause now I see clearly.
I see the mistakes I've been making.
I now see that it's you my heart yearns for.

With No Hesitation

If love was a person.
It would be my closest relation.
I believe in love at first sight.
With No Hesitation.

This Mask

I wear a mask from now on.
To hide my true feelings.
As I lie on this bed.
And stare at this ceiling.

The Loneliness, The Pain, & The Agony

What is this shady figure?
That follows me around.
Left to Right.
Every direction...

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