james watkin Poems

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Nothing In My Beat, Irretrieable

Nothing in my beat, irretrievable
That takes to treks, as something
Exiled of its own volition
Ever dispirits, within

A Life Is Not Lived Once

A life is not lived once
But many times over
In the memory.
Perusal of which read

Time, Void Of Use, A Wasteland

Time, void of use, a wasteland
Is how we see you now.
Stretched out, monotonous. Gladder
Passed through having to plough!

The Book Of Miracles

Lifted from the book of Miracles
Set beside, what's blushed awake
For those wood out of snow images
A coherent picture make

That Gaze, Once Turned

That gaze, once turned
Smiles upon me forever.
Those eyes, once burned
As the stars never go out.

Walk Me Through...

Walk me through these feelings.
These your private grounds
hurtful-stepping, moaned through.
Engulfed darkly too.

Rain's Eloquent Sorrow, Unheard When

Rain's eloquent sorrow, unheard when
Youth's surge was proceeding
More impressionably wrung out of
A subsequent heeding!

Her Little Performance

Definition Of A New World

Reinforcing that sense upon him
For a new world has just broke
Man at peace with man, and himself
Unto this shows clearly woke:

Fearless, But With No Pride

Fearless, but with no pride.
Proud, and fearing all!
What sets apart the boy
From what, eventual

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