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I have been through both hardship and blessing alike and without the two I would not be the person I am today. I have so much to be grateful for and I am indebted for life to so many. My only hope is to live a life that testifies the miracle of God and love which courses through my blood. Each poem, each word, and every emotion is a reflection of t ...

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Unholy Holy War

I came here to breathe
these moments clear to me.
I am in love with myself.
Can you see how much
my own breath means to me?
To you I have been so many
throughout my days
contradictive in my ways
unable to believe in the things I say.
I surrender legions of unholy,
I stand for wars they are holy.
Please do not judge the wilderness
I once lived in.
I fell,
I crawled,
I came to myself
to you.
And here I am
unholy I am holy to you.
To myself I only fight
fight and I breathe
and I fight some more
I live and breathe this holy war.

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Javier Zamorano Popularity

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