Jaya Mishra Poems

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Just One Look

Its not your words or your melodies
Not your hug or your stories
Not your pranks or your rule book
Its only that unusual touching look.

Teach Me

Spaces and spaces
All around
All so quiet, so much silent
And a little solitary heart,


The curves of life
Made me curly.
The time I should have
Stood straight, stuck to my morals

Nothings Worth More Than You....

What went wrong
I'm still confused
You cheated, you lied
You had me all bruised.

Your Love, My 'sweetest Dream'

Loved you with my heart,
my soul and my conscience.
Loved you with all I had,
sort of love that was world blind.


I'm sitting in my mom
Scared to come out
Scared of the reactions
The emotions of the people

The Void You Left....

Some sundays when mumma baked cakes
With two spoons I'ld wait for my plate
For every bite of your share I'ld take
My eyes catched the empty chair beside laid.


Sometimes you feel that your presence isnt very much affecting the people around you.
Sometimes you feel left-out, you feel lost.
Sometimes you want to speak your heart out but could see no one around.
Sometimes you desperately wait for someone to knock at your door but could hear not even some hush.

I Choose To Be The Best

There were two promises
One to me and the other to you
First, to become the best
Second, to be the best for you.

For The Friend From Strange Land....

Dearest Rodd...
Dedicated to you! ! !
Telling you 'thankyou'...in your style...
Hope you like this :)

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