Teach Me Poem by Jaya Mishra

Teach Me

Rating: 5.0

Spaces and spaces
All around
All so quiet, so much silent
And a little solitary heart,
A great container
Full of emptiness
Thats just what I've got!

Life, I think, is turning
Its tracks
Carrying me to
My dreams, my success
Letting all dear hands
To slip from mine.
And I'm left perplexed
Moving on and on
What the next turn will bring.

But I'm no more weak
No tears left
I've learnt to
Procrastinate, to lie,
To fool the world.
No feelings left, no desires grow
Still one thing left to know
Teach me someone!
How to lie to myself?

Indranil Bhaduri 02 November 2012

Self realisation moulded in lovely poetic expressions.. Great write

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great expressions, i really enjoyed all the lines especially the second last paragraph, wonderfully. The_African_Son

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Asif Andalib 04 November 2012

Fabulous. The last two lines are my favorite Teach me someone! How to lie to myself?

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Heather Wilkins 11 December 2013

a well written poem teach me someone how to lie to myself

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Prasetya Utama 29 January 2013

Nice poem, to open our eye of heart for true life

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Sahil Sood 28 November 2012

a very nice poem.. luvd the way you ended it.. beautifully written..

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Heyyou Boy 06 November 2012

Interesting write. The truth cant be budged. Spoken like a poet. Well done Jaya! ! !

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Saroj Kanta Maharana 04 November 2012

every thing comes at a cost n success too is no exception. but to be left out by the dear ones.. too costly it seems. but life balances. dear jaya nice one..

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