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Just One Look

Its not your words or your melodies
Not your hug or your stories
Not your pranks or your rule book
Its only that unusual touching look.

The way you look straight in my eyes
Containing so much
Unending, undefined.

Its just that smile
Which kisses your lips
When your eyes meet mine
That just one look.

Never loose that glow in your eyes
Search of me in crowd of infinite
I promise to always appear
Whenever you'll remind of me
With love and care....

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Mayank Sati 09 February 2019

Your Poem is so nice especially on Love. It touch my heart

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Ajay Singh T 27 November 2016

I bought your book, 'Her Green Diary' through hergreendiary.com. From poem hunter to publishing your own book. That's a long way Ms Jaya. Wishing you best for the future. God bless.

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Sahil Sood 28 November 2012

Just read some of your poems today.. you are an amazing poet.. your poems are filled with true emotions and feelings.. keep writing in such a good way.. goodluck..

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