Nothings Worth More Than You.... Poem by Jaya Mishra

Nothings Worth More Than You....

What went wrong
I'm still confused
You cheated, you lied
You had me all bruised.

I know you meant
When you said you do
Those vows, those promises
Your love was true.

Why did you go
And did what you've done
You made me snatch myself
From you and away run.

Here I'm alone in our room
Starring at the wrinkles of the bedsheet
That you've left behind
For me to stare and read.

I'm wearing an oversize shirt
That to you belong
That I everytime wear
After us getting along.

Peeping in the mirror
All I can see is me
Stading alone, looking back
A scene that has never meant to be.

I look at my lips
And suddenly my body shivers
At the feeling of your finger tips
A sensation to forget never.

I look at my neck
Suddenly do I gasp
Your lips circling its base
What more could I ask?

I look at my waist
I feel myself grabbed tight
In your palms, in a haste
I feel your impatience building inside.

I look at my eyes
Dry and desperate
I miss you, I cannot hide
I want you now, alright?

The scars you've left
They still hurt
Your memories, your love
Your oversize shirt.

Baby, why did you do this?
Wasn't I enough?
I know you meant
When you said me you loved.

I'm standing here broke
Lost and confused
Wondering whats worth
The pain you gave or you.......

What is worth?
Nothings worth more than you
I grab my phone
'Baby, its okay, I forgive you.'

Riffat Samad 09 December 2012

`Forgiveness' is the essential and divine quality of true love. We can not forget our dear one when he/she leaves us. The memories hunt us like a ghost. We find it difficult to forgive our dear person who is the reason of all our sufferings. Yet, if we forgive him/her from our pain stricken heart that is the sweetest quality of human heart and divine love. This is the poem of that divine love and divine quality of human heart.

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Marieta Maglas 20 November 2012

beautiful poem-I enjoyed reading it-thank you for sharing!

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Matthias Pantaleon 05 November 2012

Its so painful to see the one u love walk out of us-very touchy poem

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Prerana Priya 05 November 2012

bas tere poem par comment krne ke liye poemhunter ki member ban gyi..; -p

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Prerana Priya 05 November 2012

its amaaaaazzzzzing.....

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