Your Love, My 'sweetest Dream' Poem by Jaya Mishra

Your Love, My 'sweetest Dream'

Rating: 4.0

Loved you with my heart,
my soul and my conscience.
Loved you with all I had,
sort of love that was world blind.

Loved you with my head,
my respect and my loyality.
Loved you with every breeze,
that touched your ideal personality.

Loved you as you are,
you was and you have always been.
Loved you as you would be,
all possible shades that you could be in.

Loved you with my truth,
my life and my genuine.
Loved you with my silence,
my words that are living.

Loved you in my lows,
my highs and my extemes.
Loved you in each mood swings,
your love my sweet dream.

Loved you such love,
undefinable and unspoken.
Loved you such love,
that remained untaken! ! !

Mayank Sati 30 May 2018

Your Words are Heart Touching, I Love this Poem

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Matthias Pantaleon 05 November 2012

Love is a beautiful feelings

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Yash Shinde 24 October 2012

loved............keep going on you path to success..........liked this piece very much.............something good from an apprentice poet like you! !

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Wahab Abdul 08 January 2012

a nice poem very nice...good keep it up...future belong to you..the young..

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Vipins Puthooran 18 December 2011

'tis a good poem! ! I like it very much (Love means, God's heart beats In a divine rhythm On your bosom.......) plz read my poem/Love

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