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i am a wonder
i love words

love for me
you had that love

love me with that love

we cry and cry
pouring a lot of tears
and, the way it downs
having roll on the cheeks

Near the door
he paused to stand
as he took his classring
off her hand

As I look outside I see the breeze
Caress the leaves from the trees
And carry them to all around
Gently laid upon the ground

Forcing a smile as I blink the tears away,

Wondering how I am going to get through the day.

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.

No one else in the world can even compare,

No river's span is quite as vast
No mountain's reach so high.
No rose's scent is quite as sweet
As the love I hold inside.

Christmas time is here again
I wish you only knew,
How special Christmas is this year
Because I am with you.

I used to dream of eyes so blue
And loving arms to hold me.
I used to dream of heroic knights
And how gracious they would be.

As I wake by your side,
My feelings for you I can not hide,
I touch your face in the morning light,
Being with you just feels so right


I love them devil
they have the curse nuts
i began thinking

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you are wasting your time just read only my poems as i hate biography.)

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i am a wonder
i love words

here and there
and then
collect them together
to make a poem

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Aloke Mukherjee 17 June 2013

Your a good poet... can even be great! I already know your impo.

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