Religious Cry Poem by jenie hart

Religious Cry

Rating: 3.5

we cry and cry
pouring a lot of tears
and, the way it downs
having roll on the cheeks
and, a great experience to taste
and, a better way to clear the e yes,
but, why, we cry the religious cry...

Patricia Grantham 22 July 2013

Tears of joy and compassion which I find embedded in your poem. Keep on writing and feel free to check out my poems they might enlighten and give you just a little boost! . They are Tear Drops and Be Encouraged. Best regards, Patricia

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Khairul Ahsan 22 July 2013

why, we cry the religious cry... A good question, point to ponder. Thanks Jasmeen Khan and Ramesh Rai, for sharing your nice thoughts, which help me to comprehend the question better, and search the answer thereto.

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Heather Wilkins 17 July 2013

sometimes I wonder why they cry the religious cry. great question. I wonder too.

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Yasmin Khan 12 July 2013

Crying relieves us from grief and so is the religion, a simple write saying much to think. And Ramesh Rai's comments enhance the theme.

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Ramesh Rai 09 July 2013

because still we are unable to understand the value of religion. Marx said religion is opium to mankind, Buddha gave some other definition which fortify the life, Jesus gave compassion, Hazrat gave the definition of fraternity, in Indian myth religion has different meaning which compensate the life similarly all values are getting jumbled to the mankind. May be i am also in search of true value. we optimize to the maximum value upto love which is also miserable to understand. till them we have to cry. well said.

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