Jennifer Birchall Poems

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Sun Loungers

Still they lie side by side
Waiting for their winter storage
Many wonderful times have been had
Early morning tea contemplating the day ahead

I Love You Still

I love you still

I can't help it
I look at those perfect lips I used to kiss

Dark Nights

Nights draw in dark
As do my thoughts
Dampened by rain filled days
That seem endless

Silence Isn't Always Golden

That hurt, a pain never felt before
I think my heart is broken
Knowing I no longer have your love
The silence spoke like thunder

Born To Lie

False words spew with no conscience
Cleverly engineering the masters plan
Designed to manipulate, personal agenda

I Must Of Deserved It

Did I do something to deserve all of this?
My eyes are no longer the shining diamonds glistening captivated you
They are angry crimson they hold much sorrow
My skin is not perfectly soft and bright as an autumn dawn sky

To My Mum

You are the sun
You put warmth into hearts
You are the moon
You are a guiding light in dark times

Life And Dreams

Feel stuck in between
Life and dreams
They seem to be mixed together
Leaving me unsure what is real

Let's Take A Walk

Too Late

I was told you were gone
I didn't want to believe it
I wasn't ready yet
I had to see you

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