Where I'm From

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I am from gold chains
From Folger's and chocolate chip cookies in the morning
I am from the first house on the left "Old and spooky"
(Wide and tall, magnificent yet eerie in sight)
I am from the pretty red roses
The palm tree in our front yard
(Large and droopy)
I am from Mother's Day the day before
From my brother James, and
My sister Jessica there to help celebrate
I'm from shouting over everyone to get their attention
(My ears going deaf for a moment from the loud thumping of my eardrums)
From the "Do good in school's" to the "Te amo's"
I'm from the get up every Sunday morning to get to church on time
(The preaching and the knowledge of the one who cares for me and why)
I am from Ruskin my home, my one true love
The smell of Tamales and Tortillas for lunch
From the time my dad rode a moped into an ant pile the size of Texas,
To the days when my mom would go to school in Mexico
From the picture books in my father's room that captured all the love, and scarlet tears
I am from those moments frozen in time never to be forgotten

Victor Adex 12 January 2018

have you ever considered Spoken words? or doing open mic, your poems are good

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Victor Adex 16 January 2018

that's a good point. although nobody is cool on stage the first time, and we all could benefit form living out others experience in there poetry. either way you decision stands

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Jeremy Willson 12 January 2018

I have thought about it, and my friends tell me i should do n mics but i have terrible anxiety so im not too fond of the idea getting up on stage and exploring my mental instablity and or how i actually feel t my life to others.

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Soul Watcher 28 January 2016

Very nice piece of poetry, thank you for sharing

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Mohammad Ahmadizadeh 27 January 2016

Good work. Liked it '10'

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Ravinder Soni 27 January 2016

Interesting definitions.

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