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I inquired of him the best thing
to choose: life or death.
Without a beat, he whispered 'death'.
And so I shot him;

The hands that write what lips would dare not say
and eyes that mock what mind would dare to play
of nights lost in the deepest thoughts of him
that dares to say the holiest name of names.

I asked the moon to drink with me tonight;
he just gave me a heavy sigh,
as though he heard that plea from me
a thousand times before.

Weeping for ones who in darkness lie,
the ones who in distress have sold their helpless souls;
for ones who have been born only to die...
perhaps for ones they never knew at all.

Heart, believe me.
That was just a night...
How fool it is for my mind
to linger his words this way;

In his eyes are empty wells
where waters only flow endless
when I stare;
and in his eyes are dark skies

Tell him i love to make these words
a song with his luscious lips...
and make the rhythm of my heart
be mellow music to his ears.

Dont run Mr. runner,
there'll be no place to go..
take time to see the pretty things;
you have to take it slow.

A sight of ocean rising in ceaseless waves
against the sky troubled the moon
as she slowly turned around to see me
die everyday just to live longer,

You never noticed how your single glance
pressed my shadow on the wall.
And by simply smiling even once,
my pressed shadow falls

To cross or not to cross
was all I thought
when I saw her face across the road.
Her eyes was set as though she lost her soul,

I love him that never loved me
till love turned to drifting wind in my dream.
I weep for him that never wept for me
till tears became cold snows in my dream.

Clouds catching shadows on the ground,
while the winds are careful not to make a sound.
Dancing waters in the night...
Oh, how that splendor filled my sight!

Empty, dull, lifeless.
I heard my heartbeat through your footsteps
thumping loudly into life
as you get closer and closer.


I cant read faces but i can read yours;
I know it when youre sad or happy,
not through your smile but through your eyes;
and the lines of your forehead,

Their painted cheeks shone like dazzling suns...
their faces flushed and red.
Lustrous eyes flashing seductive glances,
one had seen herself in bed.


I painted all my life...
just to be praised by the world.
Till you came - like the heat of the flame,
you stayed with me to hold.

What a foolish life I've lived!
I loved and failed...
and loved again and failed;
I tried to unlove but failed.

(First poem after the introductory poem of DEAD PETALS)

Cold waters rushed down through her;
Hurting…stabbing…filling her in.

(Introductory poem of my episode-DEAD PETALS)

Do you see the sunrise on that pretty child's face?
-It seems brighter having an angel's trace.

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For most, I am a Mathematician. And yes, I write poems in my spare time (which is relatively infinite) . So, in a way, I could say I am a bored Mathematician.)

The Best Poem Of Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Life Or Death

I inquired of him the best thing
to choose: life or death.
Without a beat, he whispered 'death'.
And so I shot him;
not because he chose another...
but because he was my life.

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Geovanni Leaño 10 February 2008

Hmmm... I'm just new here but i can already say that Jane is a nice person! ^_^ i'm really proud of this girl being a Filipina! ahehe... pinoy din ako XD Thanks for the comments! -GanNi

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