Bruised Lips Poem by Jessy Liz

Bruised Lips

Rating: 5.0

Bruised lips;
Mascara smeared-
Panties lying
Over there.
Cold chills
Ratted hair,
Dull glow of a cigarette-
Lacking romance in your stare.
Top button,
Bottom step,
Door clicks shut:
Morals inept.
Window cracked,
Back to the wall-
Don't watch to see,
Don't care at all.
Another name,
Another face,
Another dress
To be relaced.
24 hours
And honorable mention;
Stepping out
From this suspension.
Already know
The fate that waits-
Don't bother calling,
It'd be too late.
Another girl,
Another day,
Another heart
You've locked away.
Making knotches
In your bedpost;
Love letters tossed-
Another name to boast.
Another body
You've advertised,
While promising a hope
Of paradise.
Another face,
Forgotten the name-
To you every girl
Is one in the same.
I'm no different,
But you'll see..
The truth behind
This sad story-
I found you out
Before time came-
You're a moment too late;
And I'm the one that got away.

Jerry Hughes 24 March 2007

...I wondered where you got to? Damn good write just the same

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Brian Dorn 15 September 2006

Wow, Jessy... amazing write! Vivid depictions and brilliant imagery... well done! ! Brian

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Melvina Germain 13 September 2006

Well, I'm glad you got away baby, good for you, very good poem, a (10) from me---Thanks for sharing--Melvina

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William Jackson 12 September 2006

Very sad poem. I do not understand men of the type in this poem. Why not have it all and savor and nurture relationship along with the conquest? Great write. It is also disturbing that many women seem to seek out disfunctional relationships of this type.

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